Best Study Spots on Campus

This blog is going to be revealing some of the best study spots on Msa’s campus. I don’t study at all, but these are places that I go to get work done when necessary. I personally don’t like working in my dorm, because there are so many distractions, and I just cannot block them out. Therefore, I go to other places on campus like the ones I’ve listed below. I hope you enjoy. See you next week! 

  1. The Swings 

I love the swings. They are very relaxing, and the rocking helps stimulate my brain and helps me focus. Studying on the swings always helps me get a lot of work done. It’s a fun way to encourage yourself to accomplish different things. The wind in my hair, dirt under my feet, looking out at the world. That’s fun to me, because sometimes you just have to go somewhere where nothing is happening. Some people may think it’s boring, but sometimes you have to put yourself into a “boring” environment in order to be productive. Clearing your head is a must so that you can be able to tune into the task you’re trying to complete, and the swings allow me to do that.                                                        

2. Outside in the grass in front of J.I. 

Another place I love to study is sitting outside in the grass in front of J.I. I always bring my blanket that I made in head start when I was younger. It has officially become my picnic blanket. Its green on one side, pink on the other and has white daises all over it. It also has ties all around the perimeter. That blanket alone puts me in a mood to do good things, because it reminds me of how far I’ve come in this world and makes me think about how far I’m going to go. It basically encourages me to work. I also love tumbling in the grass while taking a break from studying. That makes me happy, and keeps me awake, and not bored. 

3. Library 

The library is also a good place for me to study, because it’s quiet. Sometimes you just need complete silence to reset and recharge. Too much noise or movement can distract you from the task at hand so it’s important to know what type of environment you work best in. That can also help you figure out where the best place to study is. 

4. The Phoenix 

I love studying in the Phoenix, but sometimes it gets so cold, and I love cold weather. The only problem with the temperature in the phoenix is that I adore cold weather, but it makes me very sleepy. I still get a good amount of work done, but I can never stay down there too long, or I’ll get tired and that’s not good when I’m trying to get my work done. 

Author: Aleria Holmes

Aleria Holmes Writing is much more than an art or a creative outlet for me. It's simply my life, if writing doesn't exist neither do I. I believe I was truly born at the most perfect unperfect time. Writing has matured so much and many more people respect it now as a career and there are schools that teach you how to creatively write. At the same time, most people in the world will judge you, because you don't do what they do and you don't follow the simple unhappy path that they've taken. Writing has made me comfortable in my own skin, it has taught me that there is no other in this universe like me. Writing has taught me to love myself and every thought that skips across my brain, because I am important. I am enough, I am me and that's all I have ever needed to be!

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