current rotation #2

songs i’m really into right now! (9/9/22)

hi!! here’s another addition to my “current rotation” series!! this correlates with a lot of last week’s repeats, considering i didn’t release one of these but instead my alex g analysis! anyways, onto the music:)

miracles – alex g

last thursday, i went to check my instagram and saw that alex g had released this song. i kept my composure in class, but i ended up freaking out about it later. i’ve played it over 30 times so far. though the entire album hasn’t been released yet, (it’s coming out sept 23!) i strongly believe this song is going to be one of my favorites on it. so far, it’s already my favorite out of the singles he’s released for the album. it’s a cute song, very fatherly considering he is now a soon-to-be dad:) but, i was a little anxious about some lyrics. he hints at maybe quitting music for a while… and those tickets to his show are NOT set yet. alex please if i don’t get tickets to this tour give me a private performance. 

pet – a perfect circle

i’ve been listening to both tool and a perfect circle since i was like, 5. and SOMEHOW i had never heard of this song, or at least remembered it, until this past week. of course, i was not disappointed at all. in fact, this song is one of the sole reasons i believe a perfect circle is better than tool. (yeah, i said it.) my favorite part of this song is at 2:13, right when it comes back in. i especially love the lines “pay no mind to the rabble, pay no mind to the rabble“. def check this out if you’re into hard instrumentals. 

everlong – foo fighters

i feel so odd putting this here. i’ve been listening to foo fighters for YEARS, and have saved so many of their songs, but for some reason i’ve been revisiting this one more than usual. i think it’s because i saw a goodnight punpun edit with this song!! what more can i say about this? it’s my second favorite song of all time. it’s my instagram bio. i have this album on VINYL. one of my favorite lyrics in this song is “breathe out, so i can breathe you in” <3 !!

unsatisfied – the replacements

woaaah this is my favorite replacements song! my mom would play this all the time when i was little, and a couple years back while i was watching adventureland, i rediscovered it! ever since, it’s been on repeat. yes. it’s been on repeat for years. definitely recommend this song. special shoutout to “waitress in the sky”, too!!

crumble – dinosaur jr

favorite dinosaur jr song!!! something about this song just awakens so many feelings. something about his voice paired with those backing chords, and those repeated notes that drive me insane. i really enjoy this album as a whole, but this song has been the most replayed. but there is actually another song on this album that i’m putting on this playlist!!

back to your heart – dinosaur jr

i don’t know if you can tell, but i’ve been really sappy lately. this song is only making me more sappy/pos. my favorite part of this song is the chorus, especially right at 1:10. the guitar makes me want to clench onto my shirt and fall onto the floor. not to mention the lyrics. dear god the lyrics. when is it my turn. anyways!!! here’s a lyric from it i’ve been loving recently:

you are the only one, sharing song, i’ll wait for you. breathe your air, tend to me, tell me what you want and i will try to be everywhere, all the time. 

soul and fire – sebadoh 

okay, hear me out. it sounds like a sappy love song, but it’s really not. okay whatever maybe it is sappy. but a friend showed me this the other day and ever since i haven’t been able to stop listening to it. i know i’ve said this for almost every song so far, but the guitar has got to be my favorite part of it all. especially after the chorus, i think our love is coming to an end. the contrast between the lyrics and the guitar almost mixes me up. i can’t tell if i want to smile and ruminate on glances or curl up underneath my bed and never come out. still love it though.

as always, here is the playlist with all of my current rotation songs on it!! give some of them a listen and let me know if you agree with any of my opinions on them:) cya next week!

link to playlist (spotify):

Author: Erin Erter

“i liked the idea of a self-contained, endless pursuit of perfection. but i have a problem with perfection. i don’t think perfection is very artful. but there’s something i liked about the image of a skater going in this endless twisted circle that doesn’t have any real endpoint. so the object is not to stop or arrive anywhere; it’s just to make this thing as beautiful as they can.” -elliott smith

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  1. Each of these sound like very good songs to listen to and I really like that as I was reading it, it was like you were having a one-on-one conversation with whoever the reader may be

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