If Animal Crossing allowed more than ten villagers…

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog for this week! Today we are going to talk about some of the other villagers I would have on my island if I was allowed to have more than ten. To keep this short, I am only gonna list five. Beware: I have a bad tendency to create fake scenarios to make my villagers more interesting to me. It’s like a little soap opera. 

1. Sherb

Sherb is a goat. Sherb is adorable. Sherb wears cute little sweater. I love Sherb. He’s just a cute little guy. I also think that decorating his house would be super fun considering his color scheme and all around vibe.

2. Kabuki

This is Kabuki and the coolest thing about this cat is that he is modeled after a Japanese kabuki mask. I think that he is pretty cool and he would be best buddies with the cat I already have on my island, Bob! If you wanna hear about him he’s in my other blog.

3. Stitches

LOOOOOOK at how cute he is. He is literally like a patchwork teddy bear that I always wanted when I was younger. I recently decorated his house on the DLC and he was so sweet about it. 10/10 Villager.

4. Vivian

The only reason I would get Vivian is so Kyle (my new wolf villager) can get his ego checked. I mean if I put their houses right next to each other it would become Cruel Intentions all over again. Jokes on them though, that’s one of my favorite movies.

5. Roscoe

This is another villager I would get just based off of another villager I have currently. The villager I speak of is Julian who is my very fruity unicorn if you know what I mean. He is bright blue and very bubbly, so I think Roscoe would be a cool juxtaposition. Also I really like the part in the song No Hands where Roscoe Dash sings/spells his name in a funky way. 


Thank you all for reading this week! I hope you enjoyed and I will see you next week! <3




Author: Locklyn Wilchynski

Locklyn Wilchynski (She/Her) is a poet, writer, and musician. She is also a senior literary arts student at Mississippi School of the Arts. Her writing has been published in Co-Lin Refractions Literary & Art Magazine and The Phoenix Literary Journal. She won two gold keys, a silver key, and two honorable mentions in the 2021 Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards. She has also won an honorable mention in the 2021 Ephemera Prize. She is a lover of all things crafted in darkness and finding the beauty within that. She believes that storytelling is one of the most powerful forms of communication to open up new conversations and ideas.

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