Beautiful Words Brought to Me by Tiktok :)

So, in a classic move of my own personal desperation to avoid the clutches of writer’s block, I’ve begun a new blog series! For context, I’ve had tiktoks come up on my for your page for a long time now that will randomly drop gorgeous, never-before-heard words into my life. These come in a series such as “Beautiful words that describe obscure emotions” by user @ewistone and many others by many different users. 

In this series, I will be sharing the words, their definitions, and the personal impact they’ve had on me, as well as (if applicable) a story idea/concept they’ve given me. So, buckle up, because I’ve got quite the list of these words, and this series could be a long one. 

1.) Opia 

Definition: The ambiguous intensity from looking someone in the eye

Now, when I first heard this word, I thought of two things. 1. the way that books describe eye contact between lovers; that emotion filled, starry eyes, coveted look that all we hopeless romantics long to share with another soul. and 2. the sudden and harrowing dread that fills my body when Worth decides to stare at me unplanned. 

2.) Vellichor 

Definition: the strange wistfulness of used bookstores 

Now, if you are familiar with one Lauren Stamps, you are very well aware of this words existence because it is her username on almost if not everything, as it should be, because this word fits her scarily well. The idea of going into a bookstore that you’re just sure contains some magical portal to a secret dimension is the only thing I can think of upon hearing this word, and perhaps I shall write a story about it someday.

3.)  Adomania

Definition: The sense that the future is coming too quickly

Now, this word makes me think of, well, myself. As I’m sure any senior that isn’t burnt out to a crisp will tell you, the future comes on fast. I, as a junior who has already begun planning their senior showcase (yes, I’m that person), am all too familiar with the sensation of the future rushing forwards to meet you like the sidewalk after you trip over your own feet. However, I would be remiss if I did not point out the strange sense of exhilaration one can glean from this, if the associated anxiety can be overcome. 

Well, that’s all for this week! Stay tuned for next week as I bring you more beautiful words that tiktok has brought me. Bye! 

Sincerely, someone suffering from acute adomania. 

Author: Elliot

God may have put me on this earth, but Alan Rickman can certainly take me off it if I tarnish his name any further.

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