Yes, I Totally Have a Blog :)

The title is correct, I absolutely totally have a blog for this week. I am purposefully and intentionally (not out of last minute desperation) discussing the game Little Nightmares 2. 

It may seem unorthodox to discuss the second game first, but technically it does predate the original game in the timeline. So, I want to discuss the absolute masterpiece that is Little Nightmares 2. 

Starting off, you face the Hunter. As with all villains, he is monstrous in both size and design. Hooded head and shotgun in hand, he chases you and your newly found companion through the postapocalyptic television filled forest. You dodge buckshot after buckshot until you eventually find another shotgun and permanently end the Hunter’s reign of terror. From there you ride a floating door to the City.

Here, you meet an assortment of villains. From a teacher with a neck that extends like a nightmarish hand, a horde of literally feral wooden schoolchildren, a disturbing assortment of assorted hospital patients made of discarded parts, a doctor not unlike that of a giant larva, city citizens that are concerningly invested in their television watching, and, finally, a very thin man with a very long reach. 

Making your way through the game, you will encounter any and all fears you may have as well as every conceivable form of discomfort, as is the Little Nightmare specialty. This game does such an amazing job at accomplishing anything and everything scary or creepy, and is the closest I’ve come to a horror game obsession since FNAF first dropped. 

I highly encourage all of you to go and play this game if able, and if not to look up a lets play and watch someone else play it for the experience. It’s on my favorite games list for sure. 

Speaking of, I might dedicate the remainder of my blog time this year to some of my favorite games. What do you guys think of the idea? Let me know. 

Until next time!

Sincerely, someone who still screams when the mannequins move. 

Author: Elliot

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