Platonic Soulmates: Fate or Fiction?

I used to hear the term “Platonic Soulmate” and think ‘well that is a nice way to say best friend!’ I really didn’t understand the whole meaning of saying something like that. I always thought of it as just a term that people used to be cheesy, honestly. I didn’t understand it until the universe sent me the perfect friend at the perfect time.

As many of you who will read this blog may know, my roommate Emma and I are rarely ever seen apart. We talk like two elderly women who have known each other since elementary school back in the 60’s. For at least the first week or two of school at MSA people thought we either were related for friends for years, but we actually had met only a few months before school. Right here is the part where I tell the story like an elderly woman:

One day, before even turning in the applications for MSA, my mom had basically dragged me by the ear to Brookhaven to take a tour of the school. The story basically goes that I met Emma on the tour and then we decided to go out to eat together after. The weird part was that even though we had never spoken to each other before, we began talking like we had been friends for years.  Even my parents were shocked at that point (knowing how I usually am with strangers).  After a tour, lunch, and a (I think) around 2 hour conversation, we had basically agreed to be roommates. It was, as my mom likes to call it, “A God Wink”, because before that day, I had completely given up on wanting to go to MSA. (If I am honest, I was really just waiting for a sign that made me think going to MSA would be a good decision.)

Now, although I may seem to give off a cheesy, lovey demeanor, it’s actually really uncommon for me to tell my friends how much appreciate them. It seems like the closer I get to someone, the less I verbally confirm that I am grateful, so I wanted to take a chance on this blog to say thank you to my roommate, bestie, and platonic soulmate, Emma. (cringe <3 jk) Joking aside, I am the most grateful for Emma out of all of the people I have met at MSA, and I am convinced sometimes that we share a brain. Honestly, I probably would have left MSA the first week if it hadn’t have been for the immediate best friend that Emma was. 

So enough of the cringy, sappy, emotions, enjoy this picture of me and my soulmate lookin cool :  

Author: Adele Bryant

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3 thoughts on “Platonic Soulmates: Fate or Fiction?”

  1. When I think of platonic soulmates you two are the first people to come to my mind. I have witnessed this with my own two eyeballs and I am a firm believer in platonic soulmates. I’m glad you found yours! Great writing this week. <3

  2. this post has me tearing up…i love you! i’m so thankful for you and proud of who you are. you make me want to be better, and i can’t wait to see the people we grow into together <3

  3. Looking at you two is like my daily reminder that genuine friendships exist, and I’m so glad you guys found each other. It’s so nice to be around people who enjoy being around each other!

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