Challenges And Complexities

This isn’t something I would often write about, or even reference in my writing, but it is something that has caused many a struggle throughout my life. So, when I was around the age of seven I was medically diagnosed with ADHD. You know, the thing that you blamed for the behavior of that one annoying kid in middle school. Except, mine wasn’t like that. I didn’t have the hyper-active tendencies that are commonly associated with this illness. Instead, I got stuck with the “inattentive type” ADHD (though I have symptoms of hyper-active and inattentive type). Having ADHD has brought many challenges academically, but those are all a bit easier to overcome than the personal struggles that few people really ever talk about.

My ADHD causes me to struggle with personal hygiene, and I have a hard time cleaning up my own messes until it becomes an inconvenience. Naturally, this is in no way ideal for the dorm life I experience and overcoming this issue has been a constant struggle on my end. 

Now, it’s not as if it’s impossible for me. I understand why not everyone is capable of understanding my struggles and I have no intention of relying on any pity to get out of improving myself in the ways I need to. Overcoming these challenges is just another part of having ADHD. I love a good challenge, so something like this won’t stop me. 

That’s it. That’s the blog for this week. Have a great day, and I hope everyone enjoys prom! I know I will 🙂

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  1. i really like this post, sage! thank you for opening up about this topic–it’s super important, and you handled it super well with telling some of your story : )

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