Top Ten Cookies – pt. 1

I am going to preface this article by saying, everything you read about this topic is fundamentally true and you cannot argue with me based on the results. Everything that is found on the internet is always true and correct, and I will have NO SLANDER under this post about not including chocolate chip. I refuse to allow it. Anyway, that's besides the point. Let's get right into the batter!


 1. Oatmeal Cookies

Notice how I specifically say oatmeal cookies and not oatmeal raisin cookies. I do not like the texture of raisins because it gives me “beef-jerky-of-the-fruit-world” vibes. I also hate oatmeal, but when baked like this I think it gives the cookie the perfect amount of crunch and flavor without being too boring. I never got the whole dipping a cookie into milk thing, but with oatmeal cookies I can imagine it. 

2. Sugar Cookies

I know that this was supposed to be a “hot-takes” sort of blog, but I do genuinely enjoy sugar cookies. That’s kind of it to be honest, I just like the softer sugar cookies because it reminds me of when I was a kid and I would shove as many into my mouth as I could and then go running so I could eat them alone.

3. Macaron Cookies

I always loved the crumbled texture these cookies had, and I’m a HUGE texture person. I can only eat specific cheeses for that reason. If I find the texture of something to be off, I refuse to eat it. But these cookies are light and airy while still giving you flavor and filling you up. I’m pretty picky with flavors, but since they are so popular now theres hundreds of different kinds of macarons! 


4. Cutout Cookies

Yeah, yeah. “These are basic! What kind of tier list is this?!” Listen for a second. Nothing beats nostalgia, also this is MY PERSONAL TIER LIST SO LEAVE ME ALONE. Anyway. I remember making these cookies every christmas and mine always looking the best, though nobody said that. Decorating them was my favorite memory from every Christmas, better than the presents or anything else. I mean, the presents were awesome, but I loved making the cookies and decorating them. I swear I can still smell them as I write this in the library.


5. Fortune Cookies 

The idea of a cookie that tells you a fortune is pretty cool. If you were reading a fiction book and that was described, everyone would be losing their mind! It kind of looks like an old man’s ears when you break it apart, but I can look past that to appreciate how creative an idea it is. I knew someone once who would eat them whole and never knew there was paper inside of them. Wonder how they’re doing.


This concludes part 1 of my Top Ten Cookies list, and once again: you can’t disagree! I am the author. Just kidding. Your opinions are your own, just like mine are. Tell me about your favorite cookies and the memories you have surrounding them! 

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  1. Peculiar decision to make oatmeal cookies #1, but I’ll let you slide since sugar cookies comes in 2nd >:). Also props to including fortune cookies, this was such a marvelous blog to read!

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