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Hi guys!!! I’m back for this week’s blog and if I’m being honest, I’m really running out of ideas, but I don’t think I’ve done a music related post yet. In this blog I’ll be talking about some songs on my playlist that I have been wearing out. I listen to all genres of music so I pretty much listen to anything, but this is a specific genre of music and it’s mostly 70’s and 80’s bands, but one of them may be in the 90’s I don’t know if I’m going to include it or not though. This music is heavy metal, hard rock, and pop metal mostly.  

  1. The first band is AC/DC 

Highway to hell is a song I hold near and dear to my heart. It came out in 1979 and I’ve known about it for a while but have recently become obsessed with it. Coincidently I usually listen to it while driving which is so funny to me. This song is so freeing to me, and I love the beginning. “Livin’ easy 
Lovin’ free” 

This makes me feel like I have no care in the world and I’m just living and enjoying life. 

“No stop signs 
Speed limit 
Nobody’s gonna slow me down 
Like a wheel 
Gonna spin it 
Nobody’s gonna mess me around” 

This is my song I play while driving home so I’m usually on the highway and this song makes me feel unstoppable. There are no traffic lights, there is a speed limit, but most people usually ignore it.  

“I’m on the highway to hell 
Highway to hell 
I’m on the highway to hell 
Highway to hell 
Don’t stop me” 

Then finally the chorus kicks in and I start to feel like I’m in a rock band myself. I’m beating on the steering wheel and shaking my head back and forth, it’s such a liberating feeling and at the end when it says “don’t stop me” it makes me think of the police. 

  1. The second band is Bon Jovi 

I think it’s safe to say they are my favorite band of all time. Bed of roses is my favorite song they’ve ever produced. From the rhythm to the lyrics, and emotions I just love everything about this song. 

“Sitting here wasted and wounded 
At this old piano 
Trying hard to capture 
The moment this morning I don’t know” 

The beginning starts slow and steady speaking about him trying to get over a hangover the next morning and it makes you wonder why he was drunk in the first place. 

“’Cause a bottle of Vodka’s still lodged in my head 
And some blonde gave me nightmares 
Think that she’s still in my bed 
As I dream about movies 
They won’t make of me when I’m dead” 

Then it shifts to him talking about a random woman he probably had a one-night stand with and the movies they won’t make about him is probably because he doesn’t think he’s good enough to have his own movie which really uncovers my own self-doubt and helps me to release it. 

“I want to lay you down in a bed of roses 
For tonight I’ll sleep on a bed of nails 
Oh I want to be just as close as the Holy Ghost is 
And lay you down on a bed of roses” 

This song makes me think a lot about my significant other and how I would do anything for them so sleeping on a bed of nails while they slept on a bed of roses wouldn’t even require thought from me, I would just do it. The holy ghost brings a religious feature in here and shows how close he wants to be with his partner who isn’t with him at the moment. That line is contradicting the entire song because he’s trying to express how much he loves and cares for her while he’s cheating on her with the blonde woman. 

Author: Aleria Holmes

Aleria Holmes I'm a Senior Literary Student at MSA with a passion for writing much stronger than a hobby. After high school I plan to attend Columbia University to major in Creative Writing (screenwriting specifically) and minor in Psychology. I love what I do and I hope to make a career out of it someday.

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  1. i’ve never been a huge fan of this specific genre of rock, but i do love the music scene of the 70s. towards the 80s, i think i start to lose interest right up until the late 80s and the entirety of the 90s: that’s where i regain MASSIVE interest in the music scene.

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