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So in my blogs, I’ve mainly focused on my love for reading and I’ve touched on my experience with having ADHD. But this time, I’m going back to talking about another obsession of mine: Marvel. And I’ve talked about my favorite films and characters, and now I want to talk about some controversial opinions that I have. Because they’re controversial, I know that there are some who won’t agree and that’s okay. Whether or not you watch any of the Marvel movies, this may or may not be of interest to you. But, without further ado, let’s get into this.

1. Bucky was NEVER the villain!

I know, it’s not at all a shocker that he’s the first thing that I mention. He is my absolute favorite for a number of reasons, one of which is that he was absolutely NOT the villain at any point. It always upsets me when people say that he’s one of their favorite villains or whatever, and I hear that a lot. Bucky is a VICTIM! A villain chooses to do horrible things, and Bucky did not choose to do the things he did. He was brainwashed and literally forced to do Hydra’s dirty work. Was he ever what is considered a traditional hero? No, but that doesn’t make him a villain.

Here is a scene that shows that even though he did horrible things, it was not by choice. 


2. Loki’s actions in the first Avengers movie weren’t justified.

I know that Loki is a popular favorite villain(an actual villain), and I love Loki, too. But even though he went through a rough childhood and backstory, that did not justify what he did in The Avengers. Every one of us goes through a really rough time in our lives(and if you haven’t yet, you will) and every villain comes with a terrible backstory, but not all of us decide to murder hundreds of people because of it. Loki allowed that anger towards Odin turn him into this very dark and hateful person. Now, this is not at all me saying that what happened to him wasn’t wrong because Lord knows he was mistreated by Odin. With all of that being said about him, even though in the beginning of his story he was in fact the villain, I am very glad that his character has changed and evolved.

3. Last but not least for this part, Steve Rogers deserved his ending!

*I had to include two videos bc I couldn’t find one that showed the entirety of the end scene from Avengers: Endgame.

Is it sad that Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America? Absolutely. But after everything that he did before and after he went in the ice, he deserved some sort of retirement. He took the opportunity to go back to living the life that he deserved to live. Was it a little selfish? In my opinion, yes, but he had a right to be selfish. The reason I say that is because he has spent so many years fighting and sacrificing for everyone around him that he had to put his own wants last. This was his happy ending that he deserved.

That’s all I have to bother you with this time. Will I do another one later? Maybe. In the next week or two? Probably not. But anyways, I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and even though you might or might not agree with these opinions about Marvel, I hope that you at least understand why I feel this way. See y’all next week:)


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