Ranking the villagers on my Animal Crossing Island

So, the FNAF lore blog didn’t quite work out. It got WAYYY too long, so I switched gears. Therefore, these are my Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers ranked from favorite to least favorite. In the next blog I am going to put together my dream set of 10 villagers (if I can choose 10). Thinking of turning blogging into animal crossing every week…jkjk…..maybe.

  1. Flurry

Flurry holds the #1 spot. She is one of my favorite villagers by far. She is a hamster villager with the normal personality type. Her hobby is the nature hobby. She is outdoors a lot catching insects or reading. Flurry is an Aquarius being born January 30th. Her goal is to be a superhero and her skill is peeling apples. I know she sounds slightly boring out loud, but she is the sweetest and very cute. Each villager also has a favorite coffee. Flurry’s is mocha. Each villager also has a quote and catch phrase. Flurry’s catch phrase is powderpuff. She typically uses is as a nick name. Her quote is “Squeak your mind, even is your voice shakes.”


  1. Tangy

I absolutely love Tangy. She is a little cat villager with the preppy personality type. Her name “Tangy” comes from the sharp taste of citrus fruit. She is a Gemini being born on June 17th. Tangy’s goal is to become a hairdresser, and her skill is doing handstands. Tangy has a hobby in music. Her favorite coffee is Blue Mountain, two spoons of sugar, and the regular amount of milk. 

  1. Chrissy

I absolutely adore Chrissy. She is a rabbit villager with the peppy personality type. Chrissy’s name come from Christina Aguilera because she wants to be a famous pop star. Chrissy shares her appearance with her sister, Francine. Chrissy is a Virgo with the birthday August 28th. Her skill is staying awake and a goal of hers is to model. Her favorite coffee is blue mountain, lots of milk, and three spoons of sugar. Chrissy’s catch phrase is reeeeOWR. Her quote is “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

  1. Molly

Molly is a duck villager with the normal personality. Molly has the nature hobby as well. She is a Pisces with her birthday being March 7th. Molly’s skill includes drawing circles. Her goal is to become a florist. Molly likes blue mountain coffee with lots of milk and three spoons of sugar. Molly’s catch phrase is quackidee, used as a nick name. Her quote is “Like water off a duck’s back.”

  1. Francine

Francine is the sister of Chrissy. She is a rabbit with the snooty personality type. Her hobby is fashion. There are twenty-two rabbit villagers but Francine and one other, Tiffany, are the only ones with the snooty personality. Francine is an Aquarius being born on January 22nd. Her skill is pretending to sleep, and her goal is to be a designer. Her favorite coffee is Kilimanjaro, a little bit of milk, and one spoon of sugar. Her catch phrase is karat. Francine’s quote is “You can’t have wise men if you don’t have fools too.”


  1. Shari

Shari is a monkey villager. She has the music hobby. Shari has the sisterly personality type. Which means she acts as a sister to you and other villagers. She will give you medicine when your sick, fighting tips, and teach you ways to relax. Shari is an Aries being born on April 10th. Her skill is remembering things and her goal is figure skating. Her favorite coffee is Blend, no milk, and no sugar. Shari’s catchphrase is cheeky. Her quote is “A good start leads to a good end.”

  1. Chai

Chai is a peppy elephant villager based off the Hello Kitty character Cinnamoroll. Chai, along with Chelsea and Marty, are not available freely in the animal crossing world. You have to buy the Hello Kitty amiibo card pack to “unlock” them. Of course, I bought it off amazon. But chai is named after the tea Chai tea, hence the teacup. Chai has the play hobby. She is a March 6th Pisces. She has a skill in napping and her goal is to own a café. Her favorite coffee is blend with no milk and no sugar. Chai’s catch phrase is flap flap. Her quote is “He who chases two rabbits catches none.”

  1. Chelsea

I personally have Chelsea for appearance. If she asked to move out, I would be fine with it. Chelsea is a deer villager based off the Hello Kitty character My Melody. She has the play hobby. Chelsea is a January 18th Capricorn. Her skill is making sweets and her goal is to be a pastry chef. Her favorite coffee is mocha, lots of milk, 3 spoons of sugar. Chelsea’s catch phrase is pound cake. Her quote is “Always look a gift horse in the mouth.” No clue what that means:D. 

  1. Marty

Marty is very sweet, and I love him, but I couldn’t find a place for him any higher on the list. Marty is a bear villager based on Pom Pom Purin from hello kitty. He has the lazy personality, and his hobby is play. Marty is an April 16th Aries. His skill includes hiding shoes, and his goal is to be a baker. His favorite coffee is blue mountain with no sugar or milk. Marty’s catch phrase is pompom. His quote is “Just wait until i get started!”

  1. Bianca

I do not particularly love Bianca. She was one of the first 4 villagers on my island. She has just grown to annoy me quite often, so I’m just waiting for her to ask to move out. She is a peppy tiger villager with the play hobby. Bianca is a December 13th Sagittarius. Her skill is vaulting, and her goal is figure skating. Her favorite coffee is Kilimanjaro with no milk or sugar. Her catch phrase is glimmer. Her quote is “There is a such thing as love at first sight.”

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  1. I love how much thought you put into this post I think Chrissy and Bianca are cute but I can’t say anything more because I just started playing animal crossing. Either way I can tell this is something you’re really passionate about.

  2. I liked each description of the villagers, it wasn’t too brief and not too much detail either. I enjoyed this post:)

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