My Obession

     Hey guys! SOOO, today’s blog is going to be a little different. It will be very informal and relaxed as far as the writing structure goes. I’m glad you’re here and I hope that you enjoy it. Okay, so I just want to tell you guys about one of my obsessions. It’s a lot so buckle your seatbelts because I’m going to be taking you for a ride. Writing has taken over my life. I do it so much that I don’t feel like myself without it. I don’t know who I am, or what I feel without writing. My thoughts don’t help me understand myself until I have written them down.

     If you love something like I love writing, then don’t ever let it go. We all have a special talent that allows us to do what we’re good at, but you shouldn’t make that talent your entire life. I share this in hopes of showing others that it’s okay to have obsessions but be sure you’re careful not to let them consume you. Letting your obsession take over your mind will cause you nothing but trouble. You must have multiple things in life that you care about. Maybe not as much as your talent but love it just enough that it creates balance. It allows you to escape from what you’re good at sometimes, so that you have time and space to be great at other things as well. It’s good to like things, maybe even love things, but unhealthy obsessions will take you to the pit of the depths of hell that maybe even the devil himself hasn’t visited.

     Basically, what I’m saying is that you have to watch your heart and how fast it can get tangled up with something or someone to the point where they can’t be untangled. Tangled hearts can give you heart disease and cancer just like huge amounts of unhealthy fat that can weigh you down ready to kill you. Obsessions act in the exact same way. They strangle your heart preventing oxygen and blood from seamlessly passing through making your heart stop. Once the obsessions have a choke hold on your heart there is no stopping the cardiac arrest. There is nothing to stop that obsession from murdering you. There is no begging for mercy or waiting to be rescued, because obsessions take a lot of time to get over or sometimes you just don’t get over them at all. 

Author: Aleria Holmes

Aleria Holmes I'm a Senior Literary Student at MSA with a passion for writing much stronger than a hobby. After high school I plan to attend Columbia University to major in Creative Writing (screenwriting specifically) and minor in Psychology. I love what I do and I hope to make a career out of it someday.

3 thoughts on “My Obession”

  1. as someone who has problems with getting heavily obsessed with things i am terrified (joke). but i do agree with what youre saying here

  2. I absolutely love how assure the reader that it’s okay to have obsessions as long as their healthy and how you gave a warning against letting said obsession consume someone. I love how you gave it a mental and physical health approach. Like a “if for no other reason, be careful for your health” kind of thing. Great post:)

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