rocks in my pockets.

have you ever seen a rock you just had to have?

whether it be on a sidewalk or in the forest somewhere, in the sand or in the snow – something about that rock just stood out to you. so you picked it up, stuffed it in your pocket, and went along with your day with the weight of the rock in your pocket as a reminder of the miniscule, but beautiful, thing that made your day.

i love to use this analogy as a way to think of something i learned at msa. over the span of the school year here ive learned a lot about myself, life, and other people, but there is one thing i learned that i constantly keep in the back of my mind when interacting with people. just like a pretty little rock i put in my pocket, there is one thing i picked up from msa and apply to all aspects of my life.

i figured that now was the perfect time to try to articulate this knowledge into a blog, especially to pass down to incoming juniors. the rock you may ask?

Conversations over Conclusions

the piece of knowledge i picked up from msa that is the most important (in my opinion) is an analogy as old as time

don’t judge a book by its cover. simple as it seems, its the truth. whether it be by a persons outward appearance, demeanor, or just the emotion they seemingly are wearing on their face at the time, don’t be quick to judge.

there were so many instances throughout this year where i was quick to judge. mostly out of my own self consciousness. i would look at all the people at msa and think ‘they are so much cooler than me, there is no way i could talk to them.’ but by doing that, i ended up isolating myself and missing out on so many amazing friendships.

it wasn’t until halfway through the school year that i started to have conversations that broke down my preconceived ideas of what people would be like. and by having these conversations, i realized that we all felt the same way. that we all were thrown into a new situation with new people. that i wasnt the only one afraid of jumping into the deep end of new friendships.

all of this is basically to just tell incoming juniors – we understand. i know it may be intimidating coming into this new situation, and i know that you’ll most likely feel intimidated or scared at one moment or another throughout the year. but dont be afraid to reach out! to your fellow juniors and your seniors. dont make assumptions about people or how they act based off of what they look like, because i promise, you’ll most likely be surprised when you get to know them!

anyways, seeing as this is my last blog of junior year, i figured there was no better time to dump a bunch of msa pictures from my downloads below it. lol enjoy!

(can’t wait to meet you new students!)








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