Ranking My Favorite New Girl characters

My brother and I have always loved watching this show. Whenever I feel sad or things seem overwhelming, I turn to this show for it’s corny and hilarious jokes. It’s become my comfort show since moving into my dorm at MSA. And as of recent, I can’t go a day without watching an episode. Welp, let me introduce you to my favorite characters.

#5 Jessica Day

There are a number of reasons why the “main character” of this show is has this low ranking. I would’ve put her lower, but her corny jokes really balance the dynamic of the show. There are times where she doesn’t make the best decisions. One thing I do like about her though is the way personality doesn’t really change. She’s so nice and caring to everyone she meets and softens the hearts of the people around her. The best way I can describe her is a diluted Jules from, “Euphoria”.

#4 Nick Miller

A.K.A the bum of all bums. Nick is kind of a pessimistic and doesn’t really see the light of the world. He sees the world through the lens of a old, grumpy grandpa and I really love that about him. He’s incredibly lazy, but finds new innovative ways to be lazy. I also love that he’s the complete opposite of Jess or “Jessica”. Spoilers, but I really loved the season from where they were dating. Nick has a lovable and stomach curling humor. I would rank him higher, but I hate his aesthetic. Like if he were a real character that I knew irl, I’m pretty sure we would either hate each other, or be each other’s downfall.

#3 Coach

I’m kind of on the fence about this one. Well for one, Coach’s whole thing is surrounded around toxic masculinity. When he first enters the show he’s incredibly misogynistic towards Jess, because of a bad break up that he gets out of. I know that doesn’t justify any of that, but his character development is something I really appreciated throughout the series. He becomes more sensitive and in touch with the women around him. He learns that attraction isn’t everything and builds healthy platonic relationships with some of the women in the show. He’s hard working and eventually has a great personality. Although, the way he sometimes treats Winston makes me angry. I’d still pick him over Nick any day.

#2 Winston Bishop

One of the best characters from the show. He’s understanding, funny, weird, and checks all the marks when it comes to having a great personality. I’m going to use this opportunity to talk about a big nuance in this show. Before coach comes into the picture Winston is there. Up until that point Winston has been very intellectual and opinionated about topics that would come up in their dynamic. Everybody loved Winston and how he would give them great advice and care for them. However, when another black person got added to the show they made Winston the comic relief, or the laughing stock of the show. Nobody respects him anymore and they always make the things he likes or is passionate about seem stupid. Winston deserves better and he deserves to leave the apartment they all share.

#1 Schmidt

The fact that he keeps blowing up on Tiktok should tell you how funny this character is. I really love his sarcasm and how dimensional his character is. He grew up plus size and it really helped to understand why his personality in the show.  I really like that he’s a “ladies man” who is obsessed with being organized and clean. I love he uses his wit and charm as a amour against the world because of the way he grew up. My favorite thing about this character is his relationship with Cece and Jess. Cece is another character in the show who is Jess’s childhood/best friend. He fell in love with her and when he realized that it was like his entire personality hit a 280. There are many episodes of him making fun of Jess, but I really appreciate the episodes where he is just there for her. They have the best most underrated relationship in the show.

Author: Jordan Brown

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  1. i’ve just started watching this show after years of hearing how much i would love it, so i love this post! your taste is awesome! i may or may not be in love with nick ; )

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