awareness – and using it every day

When mentioned, most people think of awareness in the political/social sense, but what I am going to write about today is awareness in relation to the human condition. How we, as people, express awareness is something so important not only in close relationships and life, but also in how our actions reflect that awareness onto others. 

When I think about what I want people describe me as, I often think the word aware is what I strive for. Not only in the sense of being aware of other people’s feelings and emotions, but also in the way I take in my surroundings. I hope that I am aware of where I am and the importance of what I am doing. I hope I take into account the people around me, and the different ways they may view the world. 

Awareness to me isn’t just having the knowledge of a certain topic, it is taking that knowledge and applying it to your daily interactions. Awareness is having an open conversation and accepting when you have done wrong. Awareness is sharing the knowledge you have learned and hoping that others wish to be mindful too.  

As a human, I want to constantly expand the way I think of things, and I want to apply everything I have learned and continue to learn to the way I live to be a better friend and human to people around me.


Author: Adele Bryant

K-pop, Jane Austen, food, and writing enthusiast. Strong believer in pineapple on pizza.

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