Top Ten Hardest Classic Horror Movie Villains to Survive (and How I Would Attempt To Survive Them.) Part Three.

Hello and welcome back. This is the final part of this series and I’m so excited to share these with you. I want to put a disclaimer because these two movies are very gruesome, which in turn means that the means of escape are probably also gruesome. I won’t be super graphic, but this is your final warning. Reader discretion is advised. Anyways, lets go ahead and start. The chances of survival for these two are EXTREMELY low.


2. Leatherface and the towns people (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) 

Okay um… guys, I don’t know how to tell you this but you’re probably not getting out of this alive if you’re there alone. The chances are low… but never zero. Let’s start out with our regular analysis of our enemies. Yes, we have more than one enemy here. The entire community in this Texan town is in on this whole murder cult thing they got going on. That means you can’t trust anyone you meet there. Leatherface will be your primary predator though. As most villains do, he has some weaknesses that we can exploit. The mask of skin he wears probably doesn’t let him have the best vision, so our chances of being seen by him are low if we find a good hiding spot. He carries around this big ole chainsaw which cannot be easy to carry or run with, especially in crowded places. He is more likely to injure himself than you in those situations because you will not be carrying a chainsaw, but something small like a knife or a lead pipe. Speaking of weapons, I think that the best weapon in this scenario would be a tire iron. These are usually made of steel and are formed in an ‘X’ formation. They look like this:

Woman accused of hitting woman with tire iron during burglary | Crime and  Courts |

This one in particular has a sharp side on one of the ends. Let’s hope that we get this type so we have more than one way to survive an attack from him. Let me explain to you why this is the most suitable weapon to counter a chainsaw. The chainsaw used by Leatherface is just a regular one and it has no metal reinforcements meaning that it cannot cut through the steel. The formation of the tire iron is also very advantageous. We can hold it up if we are pinned down and keep our hands safe from the chainsaw as it would be stuck between the other two edges. From there we can manage to keep the chainsaw in that one spot and carefully work the tire iron to the tip of the chainsaw. The point of least control for Leatherface. We can push the iron upwards from that one spot and get the chainsaw blade to go back at Leatherface. If it doesn’t reach him it at least gives you some time to get up and start running away again. Whatever you do, DO NOT contact any of the townspeople for help. If you get away just keep running until you find the nearest town that seems normal. Find the police and then inform them of the issue. Then that leads to the FBI getting in on it which would indefinitely shut down that town of freaks. If you fail to find a weapon or if you get caught, I’m sorry to say this but you have no hope here.

Chance of survival: 5%

1. Jigsaw (Saw)

Oh wow, um, it seems we have come to an end here. This is most definitely the HARDEST villain to escape, which is kind of funny because we aren’t even getting chased. If you haven’t heard of Jigsaw or the Saw movies before I’ll sum it up just a little bit. So, you wake up after being kidnapped and drugged. You’re in some type of contraption or escape room that if you fail to complete it, you die in a very… unlikable way. These rooms/machines play on many different things like your fears, basic human reactions, and religion. Though, it’s easy to not be selected by the mastermind behind the traps. He usually chooses people whom he deems to be ungrateful for their lives. He likes to believe that by putting them in these traps that if they survive that they will make more out of their lives and be more appreciative of it and if they die, that means that they never really had the strongest will to live anyways. So, for you to avoid being chosen. Don’t drink your life away, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, don’t hurt others, etc., etc. Anything that could make you seem like you’re ungrateful for the life you have been given, just don’t do it. Now, let’s say that you’re in a trap (I’m not gonna specify bc you know… it’s gross) and this trap has a time limit. If it didn’t have a time limit just DO NOT do anything until you absolutely have to. Someone might find you before you die of thirst or something like that. Now, if it does have a time limit you first need to calm down and listen carefully to the instructions given to you. If you want to survive, you have to complete the task no matter how gruesome it might be. That is your only hope. If you’re in a trap that has other people in it, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT trust them. They might be in a separate game altogether and they might be instructed to kill you. Stay focused on completing your tasks and protecting yourself. Due to the severity and how gut-wrenching these traps are, I’d say:

Chance of survival: 2%

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  1. And we end with the dreariest of notes. Following this series was much more fun than it should be, considering, ya know…not the nicest content discussed. However, your spin on it is very nice and I enjoyed it! Again, the odds are low…but never zero.

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