Rating My Favorite Aesthetics

Dark Academia 8/10

Honestly, if you don’t like this aesthetic I don’t trust you. The color scheme in this is so pleasing to look at. My favorite thing about this one is the incorporation of different shades of brown. Just looking at it makes me feel smarter. I like that it has a sense of historical feel to it while still looking very modern. I recommend using very classy type of jewelry with this style like small pearls and diamonds. Basically something that not too sparkly or out there. Also try to add subtle color blocking, because it helps with dimensions.

Indie Pop 6.5/10

This is one of the most vibrant aesthetics I’ve come across. I personally am an all black and dark colors kind of girl, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate this beautiful style choice. The colors in this aesthetic helps to bring more attention to the fits, if that makes sense. I’d like to think that a lot these styles were inspired by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. A lot of his artwork incorporate bright and vibrant colors that you wouldn’t think fit together. It is really beautiful to admire much like this aesthetic here. With this style I suggest being minimalistic because the colors do enough. Pick bright contrasting, complementing colors and wear colorful jewelry. Add a painted or denim tote bag and your fit is complete.

Grunge 12/10

If you see me in any color other than black, then I probably didn’t have anything to wear. I relate to this aesthetic so much because it like a literal reflection of my personality. If you look in my closet right now you’ll probably be met with 15 different shades of black and maybe like a splash of color in the back. Even though the color scheme is very limited, my favorite thing to do is play with color. For instance, I’ll pick out a graphic tee that has a splash of red in it and pair it with denim or black pants. Next, I’ll add a pair of red shoes with silver jewelry. Sometimes I don’t like wearing jewelry because it can get in the way, so what I’ll do is add a chain to my pants instead. I am a strong believer that you should not only accessorize yourself, but your clothes also. All this to say, play with color.

Jooncore 1000000/10

This style has to be my absolute favorite and not just because Joon is my bias. I’ve always loved earth tone colors and he has a way of incorporating them so well. His fashion taste is a reflection of his personality and I love to see that in style pieces. Like I said before this style has a lot of earth tones such as white, beige, sage, moss, and crocodile greens with small hints of black. I think these colors go together very well with gold jewelry. Gold still plays into that earth theme, but it also contrasts against the colors making it stand out even more. Honestly, color-blocking clothes is the best way to style this. Also collared shirts and layering adds more dimension to this style.

Street Fashion 3000000/10

I mostly dress like this which why I love this style so much. This style has a lot of big graphic tees, baggy pants, biker shorts, and basketball shorts, which is something I can appreciate. Another thing I love about this type of aesthetic is the use of big chunky shoes. When I first got into fashion, the first thing I bought were a pair of white, chunky Fila. No matter what kind of outfit I had on, those shoes would go with it so well. So if you plan on getting into this type of style, make sure you have a good pair of chunky shoes. Another tip I would recommend is to have a variety of long solid color socks. This is really good for adding an extra accessory to more summer styles.  What also makes this style so perfect is that fact that it doesn’t have a color scheme. However, it can also make the process of creating an outfit more difficult. You have to see what colors work best with what and what makes it stand out. You can use any kind of solid color jewelry with this style, but I personally love big silver chains. Use all of your resources and add a hat to your fit and maybe a big or slender pair of shades. If you would like to layer, make sure whatever you put on top of your graphic tee is open. For me the shirt makes the fit and if you cover it up then it’s not really street fashion anymore. However, if your jacket is your centerpiece wear a solid color shirt underneath so it won’t take away from it, but PLEASE leave it open.

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  1. As a fan of grunge fashion, I appreciate your rating and I definitely recommend looking into it a little more, especially with the influence that music has on each and every one of these styles! I really enjoyed reading this and it was SO well written! Great job.

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