Inanimate Attachment: Hannah

Childhood tokens. I feel like almost everyone has one, if not more, objects that represent childhood memories. Like a travelling memory token  that stays with you through the years, it is common to hold onto something that reminds us of past years. One of my main goals that I had hoped to achieve with these blogs was to make others who have childhood tokens feel less embarrassed, and to be proud of them.

On the topic of acquired tokens along the way, this week’s blog is about my dear friend Hannah Lockett, and her stuffed toy named, “Weeble-Wobble.” Weeble-Wobble is a small stuffed rabbit that Hannah has carried with her since she got it after a surgery. Hannah has recounted to me many times the stories of Weeble-Wobble and how devastated she was the time she lost him.  She told me the stories of times she’d bring him with her to different states, and she told me of the comfort he brings whenever she isn’t feeling well.

I wasn’t able to get a picture of Weeble-Wobble, but I am sure my audience can imagine a white stuffed rabbit pretty clearly.  The little stuffed rabbit is probably something you won’t have to try hard to imagine, seeing as most of us have had our very own stuffed attachments before, whether it be a bear, rabbit, dog, or cat plushie. 

Anyways, that is it for this week of “Adele rambling about lifeless objects.” See ya next week folks!

Author: Adele Bryant

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  1. This series has been so interesting to read and I have enjoyed every installment. I look forward to reading ones in the future and learning more about you! You’re such an amazing writing and I’m so proud to be your classmate!

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