Inanimate Attachment: Emma

This week’s installment of inanimate attachment is going to be focused on none other than my dear friend and roommate: Emma Stapp. Emma’s inanimate attachment is one that she acquired many years ago during her childhood, and has kept until now. The object Emma has chosen to let me talk about in this blog? A timeless classic: a Cory Monteith silver locket. 

When asking Emma about what her inanimate attachment was, she recalled how this became significant to her. Emma told me that she acquired the locket one  summer day when she was around 5 years old. She told me that the locket is an important object to her because it reminds her of the summer days just like the one she got it and the family member that bought it for her. The show Glee was also a big part of her childhood, so when recalling all the sentiments attached to the necklace, Emma also recalled how the necklace was also a representation of her childhood in that sense too.

When talking to Emma, I learned more about her and why this small trinket I had seen on her desk many times was so important to her. Throughout this series I plan to do more of exactly what this experience so far has done – I want to connect. I want to hear of other peoples’ important little stories, experiences, memories etc. I want to listen, learn, and share with you all! 🙂 

Author: Adele Bryant

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2 thoughts on “Inanimate Attachment: Emma”

  1. adele, i’m super honored to have been featured on your blog! i absolutely love your topic of inanimate attachments, and i can’t wait to see what’s next!

  2. Adele, I so, so, so look forward to this series! I’m fascinated by people’s stories behind trinkets as well, so I’m thrilled to see how you explore them. Also, if you ever need someone to interview, I’m available 😉

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