The Different Voices of MSA: B.Aguilar’s Week

   Welcome back to this weeks edition of The Different Voices of MSA! As you see by the title I am changing up my format a bit to add more flare to this blog, so I hope you all enjoy the changes and improvements that I’ve made.  This week I have my good friend Bea Aguilar here with me to do this interview! Lets get started.

Bea Aguilar


What is your discipline and why did you choose it?

” I am a visual artist. I chose this discipline because I want to do it as a living.”

If you could choose another art discipline which one would you choose?

“If I chose another art discipline it would be literary arts.”

What is your favorite style of art to create?

” my favorite style of art to create is graphic arts/comic arts. I love to create very visual artwork that also embodies a sense of horror.”

Who is your favorite artist?

“My favorite artist is Jhonen Vasquez, and he is a well known comic artist.”

How did you find out about MSA?

“I found out about MSA from my 7th grade art teacher.”

And that wraps up this interview thank you all for reading, I hope to see you again next week!

*Bea’s Artwork*

Image.jpeg Image.jpeg



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