track by track: pieces of you part 1

we meet again, blog world! i’m excited to present my second ever series! this one will focus on one of my biggest passions: music. i’ll be talking about my favorite albums and what each song means to me. for my first installment, i’ll discuss an album that is indescribably important and definitive to me- pieces of you by jewel- track by gorgeous track. i’ll do this particular album in two parts because jewel was kind enough to give the world 14 songs in one work of art, and as grateful as i am for it, i do want a reasonable word count 🙂

#1 who will save your soul

this song is so clever and truthful. jewel sings about the conflict between society’s darkness and cravings for light. i think it’s an excellent way to start off the album because it sets the tone for the charming lyricism displayed throughout.

my favorite line: there are addictions to feed and there are mouths to pay

#2 pieces of you

it’s difficult to describe the way i feel about this recklessly beautiful song. it speaks of those in society who are looked down upon and asks the question, “do you hate them because they’re pieces of you?”. it explores the idea that hatred and prejudice often stems from internalized fears and insecurities. this song takes a bold, honest look at the very worst of our nature, and it’s the perfect title track for this masterpiece.

my favorite line: she’s an ugly girl, does that make you feel safe?

#3 little sister

little sister tackles a topic that jewel always captures brilliantly- addiction. the song essentially tells the story of a young woman struggling with drug abuse. the lyrics are so incredibly insightful, speaking on the emptiness of seeking refuge in substances and the loneliness of relying on artificial hope. another important facet of the song is the undertone of fear that life without drugs could be just as sorrowful as life with them, which leaves a devastating melancholy with each listen.

my favorite line: my little sister is a zombie in a body with no soul

#4 foolish games

aaaahhh!!! this song, y’all! gorgeous. one of the many things i love about foolish games is that it can be interpreted in several different ways. for me, the song is about looking back on a lost love and deciding to leave it in the past. nothing i could say could truly do this song justice, and it absolutely deserves the credit it gets as one of jewel’s most well-known and beloved songs.

my favorite line: well in case you failed to notice, in case you failed to see, this is my heart bleeding before you, this is me down on my knees

#5 near you always

this is easily one of my favorite love songs of all time. it’s thoughtful, bright, and achingly sweet, but it still manages to have a realistic feel. it’s a bit unconventional and could be seen in a different light, though. after all, the opening line is please don’t say i love you, which isn’t exactly the most romantic statement one could make. however, the lyrics that follow are just so clever and kind that you can’t mistake the lovely intentions of the song.

my favorite line: please don’t bring me flowers, they only whisper the sweet things you’d say

#6 painters

i genuinely cannot begin to describe how devastating this song is. it’s absolutely one of the saddest songs i’ve ever known, and i can seldom listen to it without having a miniature breakdown. painters is soul-crushingly gorgeous, though, and if i were emotionally stable enough, i would probably keep it on repeat. it tells the story an eight year-old woman looking back on her life as an artist with her husband who died and the family they built together. i could never say enough about how harrowing and stunning this song is to me, and it was so difficult for me to chose a favorite line, but the one i chose is probably one of the lines that best reflects the nostalgia and sweetness of the song.

my favorite line: they thought blueprints were too sad so they made them yellow

#7 morning song

this is one of the simpler songs on the album, which gives it its very own unique beauty. the song is just a plea from one to another to stop time and enjoy the moment. it uses every day language to evoke a sense of warmth and comfort that make this song such an interesting, necessary addition to the album.

my favorite line: stop worrying about it, yes, the cat’s already been fed, come on, darlin’, let’s go back to bed


to end this, i’d like to acknowledge the woman behind this beautiful work, one of the artists who inspires me most- jewel kilcher. without her and her poetry, i would never be the person or artist i aspire to be. i will continue to use her voice as a guide while i work to develop my own.


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  1. Emma! This blog is so good, and I am a sucker for album reviews! I’ll definitely have to listen to painters right this very minute. (Sounds heartbreaking, but that is my favorite kind of song.) Keep up the good work! 🙂

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