This is What We Are Not About to Do

Texas recently passed an abortion ban that allows just about anybody to sue abortion providers, and anyone that has aided the women receiving the abortions. It also prohibits women from seeking abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. This ban does not exclude rape and incest survivors from this bill. Yet again, we are at the mercy of white men and big corporations. They continue to police our body and our choices, disregarding the needs of the female population. It’s unconstitutional, a violation of free will, and downright  unethical.

Did you think this through?

Here’s what my concerns are, if these women are not allowed to receive abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, then who is going to take care of the baby when it is possibly put up for adoption? Social workers don’t get paid nearly enough and orphanage capacity could possibly be at a all time high. With a pandemic still being prominent to this day, this couldn’t be good for the health of the workers and the children that are in their care. So many children will be put in the system, and that could be traumatizing enough. If the child isn’t put up for adoption, then they may be subjected to a home where they aren’t wanted. This could affect the mental state of an entire generation, leading to something way darker.


A Different POV

It was so upsetting to see this ban being passed, because as a black woman it was 10x more scarier for us. Did you know that black women are more likely to die from pregnancies than any other race in the United States? It’s really heartbreaking for me to see these women being forced to carry a child no matter the circumstance. Our relationship to the medical field is already strained as is, this could possibly push us farther away from it. After all, the BIPOC  and low-income communities are more affected by this, as they makeup almost half of the population in Texas.

Food for an Annoyed Opinion

For one, what a woman chooses to do with her body is none of anyone’s business but her own. Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, the decisions of these women deserve to be respected. Instead of worrying about what a woman does with her body, maybe we should be focusing on real problems in our country like mass shootings, hate crimes, and suicide rates.

4 thoughts on “This is What We Are Not About to Do”

  1. Jordan, I really appreciate your passion about this topic. I totally agree that it is no one else’s business what a woman does with her body! I also really appreciate how you linked articles so we, the readers, could inform ourselves on issues currently happening. Thank you for speaking about such an important topic.

  2. I’m so glad someone decided to publicly address this absolutely ludicrous law. As if we needed more proof of corrupted, logic-less lawmaking. Thank you for your views, they’re very Valid!

  3. I totally agree, it is terrifying as a women to think that our bodies are reduced to baby factories, and anyone without the resources to go out of state may be forced to carry a child they never asked for. Not mentioning that the people making these laws would never have to deal with being pregnant in the first place; or that most women don’t even know their pregnant until after 6 weeks. I feel as if this is going to cause much harm to women who not only have to deal with a hard situation, but will be sued by literally anyone because they are offered a 10,000 bounty. Also it is a direct violation of Roe V. Wade, which dictated any women would have the right in the US to abort in the first trimester. Since the supreme court turned a blind eye to this obvious violation of this right, other states, including MS, are planning to implement copy cat laws.

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