Photo Positivity

Hehe look at himbs
They’re in love
oh lawd they walkin

This is all, hopefully these made you smile 🙂

Author: Lillian Denney

Award winning writer, Lillian enjoys writing short stories, poems, and other personal works. Lillian also enjoys art, gaming, basketball, and archery. She likes anime and other cartoons. She also enjoys reading but rarely has the time and has been reading "Cell" by Steven King for a year.

2 thoughts on “Photo Positivity”

  1. This is so cute! These pictures are refreshing to in the busyness whirl that is the end of the school year, and it definitely did make me smile. I’m glad you decided to share these ? –I had to rewrite this comment, it’s too early for me to be literate, I guess!

  2. Thank you so much! :O I didn’t see this coming just from the title and was so pleased!

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