Tragic, Beautiful, Incomparable Love

Love, the most tragic and beautiful abstract feeling. When you’re young, you take what you can get. The first boy to say he loves you may wind up being your first everything else. Your first kiss, touch, the first boy you bring home to meet your parents, and almost inevitably, your first heartbreak. I’m sure most of you reading this have already experienced this first love kind of pain, and those of you who have are probably still searching for a way to let go and move on. It seems almost impossible to see yourself loving another the same way you loved your first, and I cannot be entirely sure if pure, innocent love can ever be reused. The thing is, there are greater loves out there. There are stories much more monumental for you to be a part of.

See, I’ve noticed that when a girl gets her heart broken for the first time, they often spiral in self-consciousness and deprecation. I did it, I’ve watched my friends do it. You convince yourselves that if the first love wasn’t forever then no one is. Then you move forward. Date again. Kiss again, but you’re still missing him, aren’t you? Of course you are. You have managed to put yourself so far down that you don’t think you deserve another shot at love. You’re too scared of it. You tell your friends you don’t want to love anyone but him. They tell you that you’re stupid; may even make you feel kind of bad about it; but it’s probably due to the fact that your on-going heartache is reminding them of their own. We are all in pain here. It’s a painful world, a “love” is a painful word.

The good news, rather it be your first heartbreak or your eleventh, it will fade. The beautiful thing about love is that it has no limits. Think of it the way scientists view the universe, expansive and infinite, there is not a solid person or thing that you must invest this feeling into. You meet new people every day. You have a new opportunity to love and grow with every moment that passes by. I can’t tell you how to let go of that person you are hanging on to. I can’t explain how moving on works because I’m not too good at it myself, but what I do know is, while the love we have inside of is unmeasurable and unconditional, our time to use it, is not. So, don’t waste time dwindling on the pain and sorrows, just run, not away but into, the arms of the world and all the tragic, beautiful, incomparable love it has to offer.