Unfinished Poems


Woman turned Gorgon

You didn’t deserve what happened to you

Fool for a God in a temple for a night

Snakes upon your hair for the rest of your life

To bed with a bed blissfully

Unaware of you fate

And now angry, and alone, without a mate

Cursed by a Goddess for all of eternity

For no man to love

For no one to see

Turning people to stone

Like your heart

It is dark and bitter

And like your beauty

Won’t you wither


Daddy’s Girl

If my father were still alive I feel as if i would’ve been a daddy’s girl
But he’s not, so i’m not
Because of childish decisions and careless mistakes
I now have no one to make my house stable when it shakes
No one to take my side when my mom tells me no and no one to show me the ropes
My mom became my mom and my dad when he died
And she had to do it all on her own, keep me alive
His death made us strong, closer
And i’m glad God chose her
One parent became two and she taught me how to tie my shoes
To ride a bike
To drive
And daddy didn’t because he couldn’t
And that doesn’t bother me anymore
But i always wondered
Would I really be a daddy’s girl if he were alive

Searching for yourself in destructive fashions
In the beds of men you won’t remember tomorrow
You don’t know love, not of self or other
Fighting for control within yourself

You’re spineless in a backless dress, too weak to be anything but
Hand out, begging
You need but don’t know what
Get a grip on reality instead of getting lost in lines of coke

You’re a child begging for forgiveness
Needing a hand to hold

In your skin, you find comfort
You find solace, you find beauty, you find intelligence
In your skin you find…
You find pity, self -loathing hatred
In your skin you find love, love of living, love of self
In your skin you

Distressed denim and mind sets make for good back stories
Ripped knees and jeans
All unholy things
I am unstable and distracted
My mind draws blanks
I can’t even think straight
Exhaustion overpowers me and I can barely stay awake
I want to overachieve but I can’t believe that I am able to do a lot of things
I am useless

Author: Amaria Sumler

Self proclaimed Indigo Child, crystal lover, and collector. I'm an ambivert with frequent mood changes. I'm socially aware as well as a future activist and leader. I am also an avid reader. I can go on to state that I am very much interested in the ins and outs of the human mind. I am currently finding myself, so that I can again lose myself in my work. I am a lover of words thoughtfully put together. People, their actions, and interactions influence a lot of my writing. I strongly believe in freedom of speech and many other rightful freedoms of the people. In conclusion, all is fair and life is amazing, I will remain prosperous!

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  1. Please finish these bad boys. I would love to read them. They are all solid ideas and I feel like you could make them even greater Mar.

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