Ranking Hannah Montanna Albums

I have decided to give Buffy a breather this week and instead I’ll be venturing back to one of my favorite shows when I was little, Hannah Montanna and ranking the albums. From least favorite to most favorite. 

1. Hannah Montana: The Movie

I was originally not going to include this one, as the movie wasn’t exactly may favorite when I was little, but it had some decent songs but overall isn’t touching any songs from the show for me.

Favorite Songs

  1. The Climb
  2. Hoedown Throwdown
  3. Back to Tennesse (Billy did his big one with this)

2. Hannah Montana 3

This was actually such a hard one to put here because it does contain one of my favorite songs from the show as a whole, but overall, it’s just not up there for me.

Favorite Songs:

  1. Let’s Make This Last 4Ever (This song should’ve made Mitchel Musso one of Disney’s it-boys)
  2. He Could Be the One
  3. If We Were a Movie (This is the one featuring Corbin Bleau which is good although I prefer the one where it’s just Hannah). 

3. Hannah Montana Forever


I absolutely love this album, I viewed it as a turning point for Miley almost like her music maturing, there was a whole episode dedicated to this idea in which one of my favorite songs from the album are featured. 

Favorite Songs: 

  1. Gonna Get This (Hannah Montana and Iyaz snapped on this one, literally one of my all-time favorite Disney original songs)
  2. Ordinary Girl 
  3. Been Here All Along

4. Hannah Montana 

Since this is the first album, I thought I should give it it’s flowers by putting it pretty high on the list, but it definitely earns its place towards the top of my list. 

Favorite Songs: 

  1. Best of Both Worlds (Come on it’s the theme song) 
  2. If We Were a Movie (This one is just Hannah, which I personally like better)
  3. Who Said 

5. Hannah Montana 2 

This is number one favorite Hannah Montanna album, I personally just feel like it has some of her best songs on it. It’s just top tier. 

Favorite Songs: 

  1. Rock-Star 
  2. True Friend
  3. Nobody’s Perfect (the choreography of the live performance is still hard till this day) 

Honorable Mention: Ready Set Don’t Go, it was a song Billy Ray sung to Miley when she was going to take a flight by herself for the first time, it’s not on any of Hannah’s(Miley’s) Albums but the song was played in an episode partnered with a montage of baby pictures and videos(which was even more impactful given how the actors are actually father and daughter in real life). That songs makes me sob almost every time I hear it. I recommend the one where it’s just Billy Ray it feels more impactful.

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  1. I loved the inclusion of the Honorable Mention.
    I was interesting seeing the albums listed because I never seen them (was happy to learn something new today 🙂
    Also, your tone was just so lighthearted which made this a delight to read.

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