current rotation #4

welcome back to my random installment of my current rotation!! the month of april was big for me and music. a year ago, i grew an obsession with car seat headrest around this time- now, a year later, i have revisited that obsession and sparked a new one. so you’ll probably see some of them on there !! i also have some new artists that i’ve never heard previously on this list- including lil ugly mane. so, with that being said, let’s get into it !! 

there must be more than blood – car seat headrest

this song has had a total chokehold on me recently. i wasn’t the biggest fan when i first heard it about a year ago- at least it didn’t totally incapacitate me. now however, the song has been playing at least once a day in my head for an entire month. i always said me and this band were connected souls, and now i’m really starting to think i was right about that. my favorite part of this song comes right around 3:17. the way will toledo sings those lines INCAPACITATES ME. it’s genuinely just so good. the lyrics too- i could go on forever. 

gimme shelter – the rolling stones

so, half of why this song has been on repeat for me is because i just wrote a piece surrounded by the song (you’ve probably already read it), but i also just found this song again after absolute YEARS of not hearing, and of course, i love it as much as i did back then. the backstory behind the background vocals always breaks my heart, but i can almost hear the pain in her voice towards the end of it- and it truly is so powerful. my mom would always play the rolling stones when i was younger, so now when the band plays, both me and my mother have a bonding moment. i really love this song, but after listening to it on repeat for 2 hours while i wrote my story, i love it just a tiny bit less /j.

porcelain slightly – lil ugly mane

i found this song on a youtube video by cscoop- one of my favorite youtubers. i skate, and he skates, so that’s a bond like no other. during one of his videos, this song came on and i instantly fell in love. something about it makes me think about when i was in my freshman year of high school. i feel like this song sounds like how i looked back then. i haven’t been skating in a while, but the next time i do, this song will be the first one i play.

it’s called a heart – depeche mode 

yes, i’m still thinking about seeing depeche mode for my birthday in october. i found this song while randomly shuffling through their discography, and i fell in love immediately. i first listened to the extended version, but i found that i love this version much better. dave’s voice always gets me- and martin’s lyrics are so ….. god i love them. such a great song, and i can’t wait to find more songs from them that i love.

so that’s all for this week !! let me know if you recognize any of these awesome songs. so, yeah- cya next week !

Author: Erin Erter

erin (they/them) is a published writer who creates in their darkest moments.

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