my future !!?!

hello everyone !! so, this is a little last minute blog, but i thought it would be pretty cool to have a smaller laid back post after the influx of my highly detailed music odes. so yeah, i’m just going to be talking about my future after high school !! let’s get into it.

       okay so, after graduating i will be applying to the honors college at ole miss !! for so long i’ve debated on where to go to college, and some part of me still wants to apply to the old ivy league schools i used to dream of (i’m looking at you, yale). maybe i will just for fun, but going to the university of mississippi is much more convenient and useful for me as a writer ! i will be majoring in journalism and minoring in something most likely related to english. i haven’t really thought about a minor, but i know i’ll be majoring in journalism. the thing that i’m scared about regarding that major is ending up with a boring job as a journalist for a boring magazine. i want to work for a music magazine, as writing about music is one of my biggest passions. i also want to BE a musician, but i’ve decided on doing that in my spare time rather than basing my entire life on it. however, if i get enough traction, i will happily drop everything to become a full time musician. 

       the honors college wasn’t something i really thought of until my amazing awesome cool rad friend locklyn recommended it to me !! i’ve always thought of going to ole miss, but i never really fully decided until this year. the honors college has so many features that are so appealing and i’m very determined to get in. i’m currently working on building my resume and adding more things to my name that will help increase my changes of getting in. when i’m in college, i want to work at a small part-time job. ideally, i’ll try working at the end of all music: a record store in oxford. i’ve been thinking about working there since before i even decided i wanted to go to ole miss (so for about a year). if i can’t work there, then any other store related to my interests will suffice.

       after college, i have no idea what i want to do. i know i want to work for a music magazine, so i guess i’ll just go wherever that takes me. i know i want to live outside the state for a while, so if a job opportunity in another state comes up, i’ll use that as an opportunity to travel outside of mississippi. i know i want to continue doing the things i do now. i don’t want to be true professional, and i want to have a lot of fun. i want to live near a skatepark so after work i can skate with a couple of friends and explore the town at night. i want to do all the stupid teenage things i wasn’t able to do as a teenager: only after my future is secured. 

       after that, i don’t know. i want to keep music and writing in my life, but i doubt i’ll continuing writing the same way i write now. i’ll always be a writer, but i’m sure i won’t actually create creative pieces expect for once a year or so (whenever it comes to me, really). but yeah. that’s what i have planned out for my future. i never want to be old and boring, so if you ever meet me again while i’m living this future, i hope you’ll be able to confidently say that i never really changed.

Author: Erin Erter

erin (they/them) is a published writer who creates in their darkest moments.

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  1. This was a really good post, and I genuinely hope it all works out for you, whatever you decide to do after college:)

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