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Hey guys, I’m back and once again I am OUT OF IDEAS!!!!! Blogging is fun, because I can write about whatever I want, however I want, and whenever I want. It’s so hard to keep ideas flowing and motivation coming in though so that makes it difficult but nevertheless I have dug out another topic that is near and dear to my heart. The topic is shoes! (Wooo,*round of applause*) I love shoes, I have wayyy too many, especially crocs, and in this blog, I’ll be telling you guys about a few pairs of shoes that I have quickly become obsessed with and want so bad. Now I wear all types of shoes from $30 hey dude’s to $200 Doc Martens to $300 Jordans and beyond. I’m very picky about my shoes, but only for looks, not for the price or the brand, I couldn’t care less about that. I’ll be showing pics of the shoes, the brand, telling you why I want them, the price and if I think it’s reasonable. 

So, the first shoe is really simple and that is the Black Cat 4’s. They are Jordan’s and I think my favorite style of Jordan has to be the 4’s or the 11’s. I have a pair of 4’s and I really love them. They’re comfortable, easy to put on, and they just look great. I want the black cat’s because they’re all black DUH! They’ll go with literally any outfit I put on and the ones I have now are white so they wouldn’t get as dirty as those. My shoes rarely get dirty and if they do it’s only a little bit so that’s not a major discrepancy. Since their release date the price has ranged from $75 to $750 which is outrageous, but the retail price is $190 which isn’t bad AT ALL compared to what some of these Jordan’s are going for now and days, so I think it’s a great price, especially since my size is always in high demand. 

The second shoe is the Nike Dunk SB Low Bling Baroque Brown. Long name lol, anyways this shoe is so cute to me. It reminds me a lot of winter time and Santa Claus I don’t know why but it satisfies my inner child who wanted light up barbie shoes for the rest of my life. The details that went into these shoes are incredible. From the placement of the fur to the bling and the star on the bottom of the inside sole. The white and variations of brown are so cute to me. I love everything about this shoeeee. These are between $149 and $519 right now but they have begun retailing for $110 in the last few months, so this price is reasonable as well. 

The third shoe is the New Balance 2002R Protection Pack Pink. I absolutely adore this shoe y’all. I’ve been wanting it since around Christmas, but I’m trying to keep my priorities straight and save my money or spend it when necessary. Anyways, I love the different variations of pink. I love the rustic, deformed look. New Balance is a brand known for providing comfort, so I know these will be softer than clouds, and I wear lots of pink, so these will make good outfits. The retail price settled at $150 in September so these are more than affordable for me, but I may just end up getting them in the summer when I’m working more and not having to stock my dorm with food, and everything.  

That’s all for today guys I think my next blog may be more shoes or clothes that I want so we’ll see. Bye!!! 


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