a literary thank you

hey, blog! it’s crazy that this is my last post as a junior. next time i’m here, i’ll be an old woman. mentally, i already am, but i’ll have the senior title to prove it! as a farewell, i wanted to write down my gratitude for the junior literary department, and what better place than here! on the off chance that you’re  reading this as a rising junior, congratulations! we have a strange, chaotic, wonderful class, and we can’t wait to be your seniors : )

to leo,

thank you for being one of the sweetest people i know! you’re always there to help people when they need you, and i can’t tell you how much watching you make stars during workshop has helped my focus <3

to elliot,

where to even begin? you are like a personified sunflower and getting to know you has been a beautiful adventure. thank you for being my spouse and keeping me sane with your alan rickman and squidward impressions <3

to locklyn,

lockerby, lovklyn, locker, locksmith! you’re one of the coolest people i know. i’m so proud to call you my friend. you’re kind, hilarious, and you have impeccable taste in movies and guys. thanks for geeking out with me <3

to joseph,

dude, you’re seriously one of my favorite writers of all time. you always make me laugh during workshop with your honesty and humor. you’re also so talented in visual art! save some coolness for the rest of us, joe. thanks for being the comedian of the literary lab <3

to sage,

you’re such a talented writer! you began one of the most cherished literary traditions–good soup!! without you, there would have been many times where none of us knew what to say during workshop, but you provided us with excellent soup. thanks for always writing things that i find myself concerned that i relate to <3

to jordan,

not only are you an extremely gifted writer and musician, you’re literally one of the funniest people i know! just looking at you from across the room always gets me laughing. thank you for being part of the heart of house band <3

to simone,

ahhhhh!!! simone, your writing inspires me so much. you’re so incredibly creative and kind! we all love you so much, and i know that your juniors will look up to you just like we do. thank you for setting the standard by being a wonderful literary and overall person <3

to adele,

queen, you know how i feel about you. my platonic soulmate. the joel to my clem, the bones to my booth, the fred to my george. i wouldn’t have made it without you, best. thank you for being every literary’s favorite grandma <3

and, finally, to mrs. sibley,

i can say without a doubt that you are the best teacher i’ve ever had. you have genuinely changed my life, and i’ll forever be grateful for you and everything you’ve done for me. you taught me to believe in my writing ability and in myself. because of you, i’ve done and achieved things that i never thought i could, and you believed in me every step of the way. i can never thank you enough for that. because of you, i’m no longer afraid to call myself an artist. because of you, i’m proud of my work, and i’m proud to say that i am a writer. thank you for all this and so much more. this department is going to miss you so much, but we wish you all the very best in your future and know that you will continue to change lives for the better  <3


now, i couldn’t leave you guys without one last mini playlist and, of course, a picture that has nothing to do with the content of this post! this is a playlist of a few of the songs that helped me get through my junior year in one piece and a picture that makes me chuckle for some reason. ’til next time!

junior literary mini playlist:

“you don’t have to say you love me”– dusty springfield

“after the glitter fades”- stevie nicks

“guadalupe”- gretchen peters

“maybe this time”- liza minnelli

“hands clean”- alanis morissette




p.s. i’m team edward AND carlisle (duality of man) <3

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