silly facts about emma that no one asked for

hey, all! i’m sitting in class with not much to do, and for whatever reason, i’m in the mood to write a blog! oddly enough, though, i couldn’t think of anything to write about. according to google, one of the easiest things to write about is yourself. at first, i didn’t want to do that because my poor readers already have to deal with my weekly shenanigans, so why would they want to know even more about me than they already have to? then, i decided to just go for it. so, without further ado, here are some silly, random, mildly humiliating facts about me that no one asked for : )

1. i have a phobia of nicolas cage

2. i never learned to ride a bike

3. i prefer bridget jones’s mark darcy to the real mr. darcy

4. i once almost fell out of a roller coaster to my certain death

5. i’m named after ross and rachel’s baby in “friends” (kinda)

6. i was hyperfixated on the titanic for much of my childhood (the 1997 film and the event itself)

7. i once placed 6th out of like 10,000 people in a “twin peaks” trivia contest

8. i had a phobia of the color yellow as a child

9. despite the fact that i hate the show “duck dynasty”, i have met uncle si multiple times (yes, he is really like that in person)

10. i once was thrown off a seesaw and nearly dislocated my hip


well, there it is. some silly, unnecessary, slightly embarrassing facts about me. i’m glad i decided to write this, as it was equally fun and challenging to think of the random things that make me who i am. hopefully, someday, that’ll be somebody i’m proud of. ’til then, guess i’ll continue list-making! now, i can’t leave you guys without a picture that has nothing to do with the content of this post. ’til next week, folks, enjoy this still from my favorite movie that gave me a good giggle <3

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – LD Movies – lyriquediscorde

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4 thoughts on “silly facts about emma that no one asked for”

  1. I demand to know the roller coaster story. Also, as someone who strives to embody the energy of a sunflower, I take offense to the fear of yellow. Nicolas is understandable, but yellow??

  2. The Nicholas cage thing gets me every single time. I told my mom about it too and she laughed because I said I felt the same way about Matt Dillon.

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