Ten Things I love About atla/lok Part 2 :)

Welcome back everyone! As stated last week, this week I continue my list of the things I love about the Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra universe! Rolling right in: 

6) Metalbending/The Beifong Family

Now, I have always and will always say that waterbending is my favorite; water is simply the superior element (feel free to fight me). However, I will concede a very close second to the Earth Kingdom for the art of metalbending. In all honesty, I’m not the biggest fan of metalbending in ATLA; the way Toph performs the skill is just a little too rough for my liking. However, that is understandable considering she did literally just invent it. The metalbending in LOK, though, is my absolute favorite. I have a specific soft spot for the Beifong sisters Lin and Su. The grace and precision with which those women metalbend was enough to spark my love for metalbending, and along with members of the family like Opal and the twins, my love for the entire Beifong family. 

7) Asami

Honestly, I could leave this section there and any LOK fan would understand. Asami is easily the most beautiful, wonderful character in the franchise. She is easily one of the most powerful and crucial nonbenders in the entire series (yes I include Sokka, come on Asami would destroy him). Not only that, she is versatile in her skillset and knowledge, unbending in her morals, and she is fabulously dressed at all times. I can absolutely see why all three of the main trio had a thing for her at some point; she’s absolutely amazing. 

8) Zuko/Katara Vs. Azula Agni Kai 

Okay, this is easily the best scene of the entire ATLA fight scene selections. This fight topped Aang v. Ozai any day and that I will not even argue; if you disagree, simply be wrong in silence. Seeing Azula slip and finally loose, as well as Zuko truly achieve his final redemption and Katara make her final rise to glory was absolutely heart-wrenching to watch. Zuko and Azula fought beautifully (my favorite firebenders hands down) and Katara’s takedown of Azula deserves every bit of the legend status it got her, both in the canon universe and in the fandom. This scene is the reason Zuko and Katara are my favorite ATLA characters, but mainly Katara (honorable mention to toph). 

9) Tenzin’s airbending specifically 

Okay, I am generally not the biggest fan of Tenzin. He seems a little too uptight for my liking, though I will concede to his moments of letting that facade slip. However, his bending is something that is utterly undeniable. The writer’s of that show did an immeasurably successful job at integrating his deep connection with airbending/his father’s legacy into his character, and it’s obvious in everything from his stance when resting to his every combative move. His fight against Zaheer and the Red Lotus was literally legendary, and it absolutely should be. Every Tenzin airbending moment has me glued to my seat, even on what must be my fifth rewatch. 

10) Korra’s clapbacks

Last but not least, we have Korra’s moments of absolute savagery. In all honesty, I did not think there could be a more iconic moment than when she sicked Naga on Tahno in that noodle place. The idea that she had just completely owned that bully in a public place couldn’t get any better. That is, until she absolutely (and somewhat literally) wiped the floor with him in their one-on-one tiebreaker in the arena. Some will complain that it didn’t go on long enough, but I will forever say that her needing only those two moves to get the best of him speaks volumes towards her character. Plus, she had several other moments in the show where she was just entirely too good at combacks, and you have to admit that, love her or hate her. 


Well, that completes this list and this weeks blog! I love this franchise for many reasons, only a few of which made it onto the list. Feel free to comment some of your favorites if you’ve seen the shows! Until next time, 

Sincerely, someone who would kill to watch a pro-bending match.

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