I’m so tired

Hello! I am writing this while extremely tired. I have a headache. It is so much fun!!! I want to put more exclamation points after “fun” but then that would be the whole blog and that wouldn’t be very poggers. I had a really good day today. I had pizza for supper. It was pretty good. 

I am currently thinking about elephants if they had dolphins for trunks. That would be so silly. I believe that a kangaroo in pajamas is a health code violation and I will not be elaborating ever because I do not know why and will forget before I can figure it out. I think frogs are just dinky little dudes. Just vibing. 

I wish it was raining. The rain is so nice, and I am so tired. Be sure to sleep well, or the elephants will beat up the sleepy kangaroos :(. That would be sad. Please save the kangaroos from being beaten up. Thank you. Also kiss frogs. On the forehead. Gently. Smoochy smooch. Little dinky lads go boing boing. Yes.

Goodnight. I’m gonna sleep now.


I hope.



Nighty night.

Get some rest.

Or something.


I think I’m done now.

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2 thoughts on “I’m so tired”

  1. Your blogs are always so entertaining for me to read. I also agree about the Kangaroo thing… it’s just absurd. Anyways, great blog this week. Keep up the good work.

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