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I haven’t done one of these blogs in a while, which means I have a lot of new music to talk about.


4:oo A.M~ Taeko Ohnuki

If you’ve been on TikTok for the past month, then you should be familiar with this song. I love that trend so much!!! But this song is actually a part of one of my most favorite genres ever, Japanese city pop. I think this era of music is like a hidden gem of some sorts. Not a lot of people are familiar with it which is such a shame. Now, the vocals in this song are ascending. I felt like I grew wings when the choir part came, and the instrumentals were out of this world. The saxophone added a totally different tone and it made seem jazzy in a sense. This song is extremely catchy, and I easily learned the chorus after a few listens. I don’t speak a lick of Japanese and I think that speaks volumes for this song. Overall, 10/10 would recommend to play on a loop.

Intimidated ~KAYTRANADA ft. H.E.R

If you don’t listen to KAYTRANADA, are you really listening to good music? This man is an absolute genius when it comes to producing beats and remixing favorites. He is like a god to me and I really look up to him producer wise. There isn’t one KAYTRANADA song that doesn’t slap. He has a way to get people moving and his songs just bring a sense of nostalgia that you wouldn’t expect of the bat. Now pair his funky beats to the angelic voice of H.E.R. This track is so good! It’s definitely going down in my top ten! 

Loretta~Ginger Root

I prefer to listen to the Japanese version of the song. I think it’s so beautiful to hear different languages in music and compared to the english version, I personally think it sounds much better. Now this is and indie pop track, but it sounds like Japanese city pop. I don’t know what it is about this song, but it just fills me with nostalgia. It kind of reminds me of the music they would play in the old Piggly Wiggly we used to have back home, or upbeat elevator music, but the elevator music that is actually good. I really like how they capture an old essence in a modern song, and I can’t get it out of my head. The animated video is so pretty to look at  as well as the actual video. I know a lot of time and money went into making that video, I think all of which came out of their own pockets. So, please go stream it on youtube and I’ll give you a frozen gogurt <3.

Illusion ~ Sumpa

So, I was just typing up a novel on NanoWrimo with my Ipad playing music on shuffle on youtube. One of the things I love the most is seeing people perform live. It’s nothing like hearing the recorded version and I really love raw music. Now, one of the youtube channels that does this is called A Colors Show, its where artist from all over the globe perform live in front of a colored back round. Another thing I love about this is when artist show up and such beautiful high fashion pieces, it’s really something to look at. Anyways, back to the story, so I’m just typing my life away, and suddenly I hear the smoothest voice that has ever grazed my ears. I immediately stopped typing and looked at my screen and there I discovered this wonderful song. So of course I’m just vibing along to the beat and the voice and I realize he’s singing in German! This song is such a beautiful piece and his voice was so filled with emotion that I automatically related to whatever he’s singing about, despite not knowing a word he’s saying. It’s one of the things I love the most about music, it’s something that ties the world together!

Si Yo Me Vuelvo a Enamorar ~Jennifer Peña

Dare I say, this is one of the best love songs ever?! Her voice is so unique and powerful, and I just love every second of it. She low key reminds me of Chanel from Cheetah Girls. Their voices are somewhat similar, but Jennifer just has a different aesthetic to her music. I really love this song. It is very easy to learn and follow along. I don’t know what it is about Hispanic instrumentals, but they have me in a chokehold. 

I Hate U ~ SZA

I was so happy when SZA released this song. I will never get tired of listening to CTRL, but as much as I love that album, I need new music. Now I know that she’s released two songs since then, but I think now it’s time for a new album. I love this song though. It’s a perfect song to scream your heart out to, even if you don’t hate anyone. This song was released just a few days after going viral on TikTok, which is great. We didn’t have to wait forever for it to release. However, I’m still waiting on her to drop T-shirt. 🙁

Honorable Mentions

Super Tuna- Seokjin from BTS

Lemonade- NCT127

Carefree- Mick Jenkins

OKRA- Tyler, The Creator

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