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hi there! this week, i’ll be talking about the queen of tejano and one of my favorite artists of all time, selena quintanilla-perez! i absolutely adore all of her music, but for this blog, i’ll be listing my five favorite selena songs (in no particular order as usual). she is such an iconic singer, songwriter, and performer, and i highly encourage you to give her music a listen! selena has songs in both english and spanish, but her music speaks to the heart, regardless of the language it’s written in! so, without further ado, these are five of my favorite selena songs! 

no me queda mas

this is the song that made me fall madly in love with selena’s music. it has gorgeous lyrics that speak of unrequited love and loss, and it speaks to the listener so beautifully. even when i hadn’t read a translation of the lyrics, i could just feel the emotion and power in selena’s voice, and that was enough to make me see what an incredible artist she was, not only as a vocalist but as a performer. the song has a sense of both vulnerability and strength, melancholy and contentment. it’s a gorgeous ballad of a love that was never meant to be.

amor prohibido

amor prohibido is just one of those songs that makes me smile when i hear its opening beat. the lyrics speak of forbidden love, but selena’s soulful and playful voice makes it a fun song to listen to. it’s essentially a romeo and juliet story with a hopeful tone and ending, saying that it doesn’t matter what the world around them may think, these two people love each other, and that’s all that counts. i think selena is the perfect woman to tell this story, as she had a similar romance with her husband.

baila esta cumbia

baila esta cumbia!! this is a song that just lights up a room when it comes on. i remember singing and dancing in the car to it on summer nights with friends, singing it at karaoke, and learning to play a simplified version of it on the guitar. even i (a person who simply isn’t capable of dancing) cannot help but move when this song’s rhythm plays out and selena’s powerful voice fills the air. this song absolutely never fails to boost my serotonin levels and make me nostalgic for summer.

si una vez

this is one of the song’s where selena’s rasp and vulnerability is showcased beautifully. it feels mysterious and foreboding, while also having a fun, quirky rhythm that allows for a unique musical experience. it’s truly one of those songs you just can’t help but sing along to dramatically with a hairbrush. (is that just me? maybe, but oh well!)


well, blog world, no me queda mas for this week. ’til next time, enjoy this photo of the beautiful queen of tejano music enjoying a coca cola <3


Selena Quintanilla Exhibit At The National Museum of American History |





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  1. Oh my gosh! Reading this reminded me of so many moments, and I couldn’t even stay still in my seat hearing your descriptions of the music. #CurseYolanda #SelenaWillLiveForeverInOurHearts<3

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