Life Hurts.

I kind of thought this blog would be more of a “things to do when life hurts” type of deal. But now, sitting down to write, I’ve realized that I don’t know exactly what to do when life hurts, other than just… let it. 

I am going to be completely honest. It has been a pretty hard week. Now, I won’t get into specifics, because after all this still is a blogspace- not a personal diary. But I figured there is some value in letting others know when you are having trouble. Even when you just speak into the void of internet users in passing.

Everyone has these times when you miss home, family, or some sense of what normalcy used to be.  Times when whatever higher power that be throws you something you aren’t fully prepared for. Those times are upon me at the moment, and I’m not gonna lie… it sucks. But I have learned, when life hurts, there truly is no other way to get past it than, let it. Let yourself feel it. Truly, deeply feel it.

Tears. Headaches. Sadness. Longing. Fear. Pain. 

Because letting yourself feel the pain deeply also opens up your heart to feel the support you get deeply too.

Hugs. Phone calls from home. Words of encouragement. Favorite shows. Chocolate. Warm sweaters. Music.

So, I guess I’m writing this blog as a comfort to myself. To reassure myself that there are reasons for things. That the hurt I am feeling right now is leading me to write a blog that someone can relate to. That the hurt I am feeling right now will encourage me to feel things deeply- good and bad.

I needed somewhere to speak all of this, so whoever is listening, thank you. And if you relate to this, I am here. Rant to me. Cry to me. I am always glad to be a friend.

 Adele  <3

Author: Adele Bryant

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