why i want to be moira rose when i grow up

hello again, blog world! i’m so glad to have gotten acquainted with you. i feel that you and i will get along quite well, as long as i’m inspired and you’re willing to listen. it’s still very new and exciting to have a space to write about whatever i choose, no matter how seemingly trivial. this series of inspirational female characters has been so interesting for me to write! i have loved exploring my favorite fictional worlds for the series, and i will absolutely be continuing to visit them here. however, for my next series, i will be discussing another passion of mine- music. in this post, i will end my very first blog series on a rather… whimsical note. this is why i want to be moira rose when i grow up.

over the past year, i have absolutely fallen in love with the beautiful, warm, truthful, hilarious story of schitt’s creek. i had friends and family tell me for years that i would love the show, but i never took the time to watch it. in all honesty, i assumed it would be another try-hard modern comedy, but i was pleasantly surprised to find a show that now means so very much to me. it follows the story of the formerly wealthy rose family after they lose their fortune and move into a roach motel in the town of schitt’s creek. 

moira rose is the matriarch of the rose family. she is difficult to accurately describe without experiencing her character firsthand (hint: watch schitt’s creek if you haven’t! if you don’t love it as much as i do, blame it on my amateur blogging skills.) she is one of the most masterfully created comedic characters i have seen on my screen. moira, truthfully, is self-obsessed, deluded, and oftentimes clueless. the brilliance of the character, and most on this wonderful show, is that you still find yourself loving this silly, charming, oblivious woman, despite her flaws.

the show, ultimately, is about family. in the beginning, the roses weren’t very close. they all lived in their own worlds, rarely bothering to spend time together or listen to each other. when they were forced to move, though, they learned what it truly meant to be a family- not just sharing blood but sharing sorrow and joy and life. each member of the family grew in their own way, but moira’s journey is particularly heartwarming to me. in the beginning, she seemed cold and vain, but when she was truly put to the test, it became clear that she is a strong, kind, and capable woman. normally, a character of her kind wouldn’t particularly interest me, but something about her balance between glamour and honesty is so compelling. moira is a character i never expected to find such comfort in, but her presence on the screen never fails to make me feel at home.

moira rose mini playlist:

rich girl- gwen stefani

vogue- madonna

the joke- brandi carlile

maybe this time- glee version (i know, just trust me on this one)

slipping through my fingers- abba



moira rose, played by the marvelous catherine o’hara <3

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  1. Emma, I love how you acknowledged this characters flaws. Of course she’s not perfect, but you love her anyway because she makes you feel at home. That’s what it truly means to have a comfort character, and you captured it fantastically!

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