they have free audiobooks on Spotify and no one told me….

This week as been really hard, for reasons that I can’t really say. So I’m going to list off some things that have made me very happy recently to remind myself that there are still reasons to be happy.

I can only hope that there is age least one person out there who will be as excited about this as I am. Maybe I am just late to the party, but I was convinced that Audible was the only app with professional audiobooks! I always wanted to get a subscribed to it but never had the money.

From The Great Gatsby to The Hunger Games, Spotify does seem to have a wide variety of stories! Classics I’ve always wanted to read, such a Little Women, and favorites I’ve been wanting to reread, like Harry Potter, are now free for me to listen to!!! I’m so excited!

Reading has always been such a big part of my life, but in recent years I’ve kind of fallen out of it. But audiobooks FOR FREE on Spotify… SIGN ME UP!

I mean as I’m listing to this, I’m listening to The Great Gatsby!!

Maybe I’m overreacting and maybe I’ll never actually listen to one of the books, but nevertheless, it makes me happy.

For two hours a day for the past month, I’ve played Animal Crossing: New Horizons. That’s all I have to say about that. At this point, I’m living to decorate my islands and appease my villagers.

I recently got some stickers from the dollar store. It’s just a collection of foods with smiley faces on them and they make me so happy. They’re holographic, so the right lighting, they turn rainbow!!!

I’ve been trying to make new friends recently. I know it’s kind of late in the year to start getting to know the juniors, but it’s better late than never I guess. Even though I’ll be leaving soon, it’s still nice getting to know them.

That’s all for now. Hopefully my week gets better, or else next week’s blog may be another list. Oh well! That’ll be okay. No matter the circumstances, it’s never a bad idea to remember the things that make you happy!

Author: Addison Laird

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