tik tok has ruined my life

okay that title was dramatic but tik tok is addicting. i don’t care what anyone says. but i’m ready to talk about my problem.

it all started in first period last year at my old school (lumberton high school). i was just chilling in my desk, ya know, how people do when they’re tired and on the verge of quitting. then, my friend, let’s call her ASHANTI HOLDER, told me to download the app.

my first reaction was, and i quote, “absolutely not.” then about .6 seconds later, the app was installed and ready to go. so i opened it and made an account. and no, i’m not giving out my tik tok because that’s just weird. i then started watching the videos. they were all pretty stupid at first. but then i couldn’t stop watching. i found myself opening the app whenever i had a free moment. my problem was growing by the second.

it became evident to everyone around me that i had a problem when i knew every single sound on tik tok and almost all of the dances. it didn’t occur to me that i had a problem until i couldn’t stop watching tik toks instead of writing this very blog post. (so that was about 3 minutes ago now.) it is not uncommon for my roommate to come into the room and i’ll be laying there alone, in complete darkness, cackling at tik toks.

do i wish i had a social life? yeah. am i actually gonna do anything to achieve one? absolutely not.

i wish i could say that i am currently seeking treatment for my addiction, but that would be a lie. i am most definitely not willing to delete this app any time soon. thanks for reading this illiterate and strange blog post.

peace out girl scout 🙂

on a completely related note, as soon as i finished writing this, i opened tik tok and got sucked it for a solid 15 minutes without realizing it.

peace out girl scout fr this time 🙂

Author: Brianna Cox

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” -Marcus Aurelius, Meditations