Cloudy Day- Short Film Review

For the second episode or second post, whatever you want to call it, of my short film review series, I present Cloudy Day. Directed by Kamelia Chabane, Adrien Flanquart, Emeric Malvat, and Benjamin Tussiot, who were students at ESMA, a school for applied arts. Now this particular film is 7:33, and doesn’t contain any dialogue but it features music along with the occasional sounds from the characters. This is an animated film but  who doesn’t love a good animated movie? This took me back to my childhood when I would sit at the tv all day and just watch cartoons all day. The message in this film can be taken many ways–it really depends on how you perceive it. For me, I took the message as giving more than what was asked. It isn’t particularly a negative message but it isn’t exactly positive either. The film is actually quite uplifting but I guess my tainted mind see’s the negative side in things alongside the positive. The film itself is really good and the features of the characters force the audience to wonder where the setting is in this film. Overall, I’d give this film a 9/10, simply because I personally would’ve enjoyed a little more context of the setting and characters. Watch it and tell me how you think below!

Author: Morgan Love

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2 thoughts on “Cloudy Day- Short Film Review”

  1. I love seeing a review of something! Its really good practice for senior year! I would enjoy seeing more reviews throughout the year :)))

  2. Short films do not receive enough recognition, so I commend you for this series. I would have never viewed this if you would not have reviewed it.

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