School is, unfortunately, coming to an end. I think this year has been filled with…

unforgettable memories, and amazing people. I went to Alabama for the Shakespeare fest, New Orleans for a Writers Workshop. Picked up play-writing, learned about my disliking of writing poetry. Even just moving out of my house and in to a dorm room was a big deal. I got to learn how to live with roommates and suite-mates. The amount of inanimate objects I’ve given names to- its wild.

All of that being said- I’m very ready for the summer, but, well, maybe not for senior year. Here’re my plans for the summer:

  • Write some plays

Writing plays are super fun.  I really enjoy writing plays. If we could have another play-writing class,I would be SUPER happy. Not sure what i’ll write over the summer, but, then again, I never know what I’m writing. I just put down words until I understand whats going on. That’s not the best way to get work done, but it works for me.

  • Convince my mom to let me get Glimmers wings put on my back

Glimmer is my favorite She-Ra character. Honestly I just kind of want to go wild over the summer, just have fun. Morgan helped me do some research on what being stabbed by needles feels like, and I’ve got this idea now put in my head that it feels like being a cosplayer. I’ve accidentally stabbed myself with every pin I use for sewing. Will update you guys on this one.

  • Have fun on a boat

My Aunt’s family and I are gonna be on a boat for a few days. I won’t have phone service so I don’t know how that’s gonna go. Still, I’m going to make myself have fun. I’ll just like, I don’t know. Draw something. Maybe sing some opera. Its a boat.

  • Make costumes

I do this year round, but I feel I’ll have more opportunity to do this over the summer.

  • Summer camp

I’ll be at a writers camp over the summer! I’ve been to it once before and it was pretty fun. I have lots of good memories from it, and hopefully I’ll be able to make even more memories this year!

  • Watch my mom nerd out over Aaron Burr at Hamilton

My mom got us tickets to Hamilton in Memphis or Alabama, I don’t actually know. Burr is her favorite character/person in Hamilton, so I’m excited to watch her watch Hamilton. I mean, I’m excited to see Hamilton too! I just think my mom’s gonna have fun too.


This is- literally the busiest summer I’ve ever had. Wish me luck because I’m gonna come back to school exhausted.- Still though, I cant wait for next year! (minus the senior part)

Author: Kerri Bland

Is it natural to wonder how people hear your electronic voice? We all have our own interpretations of literature, and what the narrators voice sounds like. To be of influence, i'd love for my electronic voice to be compared to that of a gremlin. When you read my posts, read them in the most gremlin-like voice possible. The kind of gremlin that lives under a bridge of a dried up lake, steals everything, and has a nice stash of marshmallows to roast at the earliest convenience. Do what you want with this information :)

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  1. I hope you enjoy your summer and get ready for the minor slaps that you’ll feel while you get that tattoo ;D

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