Halloween from a Cosplayer’s perspective

Halloween is probably the most stressful time for me. Not only because i’m scared of like, everything, but because i’m a cosplayer.

Every Halloween I hear the same thing

“oh, you can sew? can you make my kids Halloween costume”

“do you still do skirt commissions?”

“are you selling any of your cosplays?”

“are you in need of a cosplay supporting bf?”

to which i always reply, no, yes, no, Please stop messaging me.

Halloween is usually when I make the most money off of cosplay. Now, I can’t complain about that, but orders start stacking. especially with me being here at MSA. The only time I have to actually work on my commissions are every other weekend. When i’m spending the whole weekend working, it doesn’t feel like a weekend.

Other than making stuff, Halloween is the best time to buy stuff. Spirit Halloween stores are literal cosplay heaven. where else can I conveniently get 10 pounds of latex, and a variety of elf ears?

Though, if you plan on getting a costume and/or wig from there, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you want something that’ll hold up fairly well, but don’t wanna make it, i’d say MicCostumes and Arda Wigs. Of course, you may not want to spend a lot on a Halloween costume if you’ll only wear it once. However, if for some reason you want to wear this costume to multiple things throughout the year, go ahead and get it from a cosplay site.

As a person who lives and dies by cosplay, I am often asked how I choose which of my cosplays to wear for Halloween. The thing is, I never choose one I actually have. I just cant. I look in my closet with tons of costumes, and I feel like its yearbook day all over agian. like,

“Omg, I have nothing to wear.”







This phrase is how I end up being more broke at Halloween than at Christmas.

Halloween is pretty much the only time I can go into a restaurant in full costume and not be questioned. Its always very awkward when Subway is filled with an army of clowns, Harajuku girls, and Pokemon trainers. Especially if its in the middle of June. But this is different, for Halloween is


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Author: Kerri Bland

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