Dog Days

I remember it just like it was yesterday. October 19, 2019, the day I got my puppy. I was in seventh grade at an all girls Roman Catholic Christian Private School called Our Lady Academy, located in Bay St. Louis. My mom had to pick me up late so I walked down the street to the Mockingbird Cafe for some coffee and to work on my homework. I often ended up walking to the Mockingbird cafe because my mom is a realtor and had to show houses after work a lot and I didn’t want to come with her. These houses tended to be vacant meaning the power and water would be turned off so there was no air conditioning in the houses making it really hot and you couldn’t go to the bathroom. She would also show houses for a couple of hours straight so it was very boring. While you may be thinking, “Georgia, why didn’t you use your phone?” My dad paid my phone bill and only gave me two gigs of data a month. Earlier that school year I had unlimited but he made some excuse which I’m not going to share unless we’re close so I definitely won’t be sharing it online. All you need to know is that I was swapped from unlimited data to like one or two gigs a month. Anyway, while waiting at the Mockingbird, I was beginning to grow impatient because school ended at 3:30 and it was now around 5:15. I had texted my mom and she said she was on her way to come get me. Around 15 minutes later she walked through the doors and came to where I was sitting in another room. After she came in, my older brother, Thomas, walked in with a little brown puppy who had a white chin. My immediate reaction was “What’s that?” My mom replied by saying, “It’s Clarence! He shrunk!” (We had another dog, different breed, different gender, different shade of brown, named Clarence.) and I said to her again, “What’s that?” and she said, “Our neighbor, Ms. GeorgiaAnn found a puppy on the streets and took her in for  three days and couldn’t keep her anymore and asked if we wanted her because you’ve wanted a puppy since you were little.” I immediately started smiling and grabbed her and said, “She’s mine now” and my brother was like “What? No! I want her! You already have a dog. I had to get rid of my last dog!” and I replied to him by saying, “Thomas you had to get rid of your last dog because you didn’t take care of him properly and didn’t train him. Besides, you’ve already had two dogs, I’ve only had one dog. She’s mine!” It’s safe to say I won that argument and I got to keep her.


As I’m writing this I’m texting my mom trying to convince her that Canada is a fake place made up by the government and she isn’t actually from Canada, she’s from New Zealand and her family survived off of canned peanuts. No wonder she was so enthusiastic to send me to boarding school. Also, For those of you who are reading this, if you’ve made it passed canned peanuts (hopefully) you should know to always be patient and wait for your mothers to be done with their work even if you don’t want to and to not make a stink about it because who knows, you might be rewarded with a puppy. But when it comes to waiting for your dad, do whatever, idk man.

Author: Georgia Bailey

I was born in Colorado and moved to Mississippi in 2008. I like reading pretty much every type of book except for romance. My family consists of me, my mom, my brother, my dog, and my brothers dog.

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