Ranking My Favorite Ninja Turtles

This will be my last blog, so in order to (kind of) celebrate I’m going to be writing about my current hyper fixation: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I’m going to have fun and rank my favorite ninja turtles. I won’t be looking at any specific shows or renditions, instead I’ll be judging them by their over character.



Mikey is a fun-loving dude. He’s the team goof ball and general party guy. I like him due to his silliness. He always breaks the tension and chooses to have fun rather than try to remain serious like his brothers. Despite his silliness he is the most naturally gifted in fighting out of his brothers.


Donnie is the genius of the group. His inventions often aid him and his brothers, although sometimes they wind up getting the team into trouble. He usually is very nerdy and displays the calmest personality of the four brothers. I enjoy how much of a nerd he can be, as well as how he uses his intelligence rather than simply his strength to win a fight.


Leo is the leader of the team. Often times he is the most mature and most serious out of his brothers. Leo is a character that I will either love or hate. In some renditions, I find his character quite compelling and interesting, while in others I find him to be annoying. I find that I most like him when he is having trouble with the responsibility of his leadership role. He is a kid after all, and his need to look after his brothers conflicting with him only being a teenager is very interesting to me. However, in some renditions being “the leader” is his entire personality and he can become whiny and controlling.


Raph is the tough, hotheaded brute of the team. I feel bad for putting him at the bottom of the list, but it’s only because he usually is the one to cause conflict. Raph is notorious for having some sort of rival with Leo due to him hating authority and having to listen to his brother. I like seeing Leo and Raph have their rivalry as long as it is written well, but sometimes seeing them fight can be annoying. Same goes for Raph’s anger. His anger is a large part of his character and I like to see it explored; however, his angry outburst can seem random and unjustified.

Author: Macey Wilson

My name is Macey Rose. I am a visual student taking a literary class. I love fantasy and short stories. My plan is to go into creative writing so I can write and illustrate my own stories in the future.

5 thoughts on “Ranking My Favorite Ninja Turtles”

  1. I love the ninja turtles especially the cartoons and animations. I’ll miss you Macey, have a great summer and I wish you the absolute best in college. 🙂

  2. I have to say that I love both Leo and Raph even though they argue a lot, but as someone who has younger brothers who argue a lot also, so I kinda look a little past that part simply because it’s something I am so familiar with. I personally love Rap(maybe because I relate to the anger issues …)

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