Senior Showcases: The Experience of an Appreciative Junior :)

So, as it does every year, graduation has descended upon us. With showcase season behind them and the cap and gowns in front, the seniors now make their final preparations to leave MSA. I, as a junior, make my preparations to watch them go. 

As someone who’s roomed with a senior all year, this day has remained on my radar since move in. I never expected, however, for it to hit quite so hard. I knew it was inevitable that I would befriend seniors; I always had a tendency of making friends in age groups above my own and seniors made up half the school population. But I never expected my friendships with the seniors to matter so much to me. 

For the purpose of audience, I’ll keep this blog brief and just mention the senior literaries. I cannot explain how incredibly grateful I am for all of you and the lessons that you’ve taught me. Learning under you all this year has resulted in some of the most rapid and meaningful artistic growth I’ve ever undergone, and I just wanted to dedicate this blog to the literary seniors. 

Thank you to Lauren, Madison, Diego, Sydney, Taylor, Kit, and Lillian for all the things that you’ve taught me, all the memories you’ve made with me, and all of the wonderful pieces of yourself you’ve left with the junior class. I quite literally wouldn’t be who I am without you, and I couldn’t have asked for a more talented, amazing group of writers to have as my seniors. 

I’m proud of you all! And I look forward to watching all the wonderful things you’ll do. Keep in touch 🙂 

Sincerely, a soon-to-be senior. 

(p.s. I’ve never read anything by any of you I didn’t love.)

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