File 39 – Report 5 – Section 12: The Solomon Archives Pt. 1/5

The Solomon Archives is a collection of books, of which there are a total of thirteen. They contain truths about our reality that almost always result in a loss of life upon reading. Different excerpts have been noted to have different effects, as chapter seventeen of the fifth book will induce “The Always” onto the reader. The current mortality rate for the Archives is unknown.

The following is the only portion of The Solomon Archives that is not inherently fatal to read. While this is much safer compared to other excerpts, there are still side effects. For example, this excerpt has been noted to induce heavy nausea, a sudden immensely painful migraine, temporary amnesia, hallucinations that vary in severity depending on how much was read, the inability to sleep without having nightmares, loss of sight, loss of hearing, loss of ability to speak, and an inability to perceive certain aspects of reality as intended for humans. It, at one point, was incomprehensible, but with some work was translated into a readable format.

Book 7 – Chapter 43 – Excerpt 972//

Continuing from what was stated in the previous chapter, the mortal universe, also known as “Universe 89-B1-17”, had been relatively devoid of any multiplanar beings, and the inhabitants remained non-lucid until the events with ////////////. As a result, there is now a high frequency of multiplanar beings, many of which have become a part of their mythos. I have been led to believe that they will begin to awaken true lucidity in the span of less than three billion years(this was translated from a word resembling Aeon). 

The effects of this pre-awakening stage have been interesting. Often resulting in the formation of something that they refer to as “witchcraft” or “magic”. People that have these abilities tend to be those who are closer to awakening compared to others by around one thousand years, varying between individuals. There has also been a spike in religious activity, and a growth in violence in regards to denial of an individual’s beliefs. 


This was the only non-fatal portion that was found in the Archives, while it’s rather short, further reading has resulted in a 100% mortality rate with all readers. Unfortunately, we have not found a way to prevent this as of yet, we hope to provide a full translation with minimal detriments as soon as possible.

Please note, if the feeling of being watched becomes prevalent post-reading, please avoid all mirrors, windows, electronics, water, and, if possible, find shelter in a church or other religious institution. Likewise, if you are still capable of hearing, listen carefully for any odd breathing. It may feel like your own, but it isn’t. If you ever seem to lose your shadow, stop moving, and hope that it lets you go.

The remainder of the information regarding The Solomon Archives can be found in the following: 39-7-14, 60-2-7, and 100-13-1

Author: Matthew McLain

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