A Return And A Poem

Hello! It’s been a bit since I’ve had a blog posted. Sorry about that. Hit a really bad bit of writers block, but I think it’s cleared up now. I don’t think I’m going to have this be a long blog, in fact it could very well take the record for my shortest blog. Recently, I’ve learned the importance of finality, and moving on. It’s very important to not let things hold you back! 

I figured I shouldn’t let this blog be unimportant in any way, so I’ll put a poem that I’ve written recently here. It’s called Monologue Of A Dying Dreamer. I hope you enjoy:

I’ve seen the births

of uncountable stars

and the deaths of unfathomable gods.

Civilizations rise and fall.

Fall to dust like the rest that came before.


You say there is only one constant.

You say there will always be death.

If life is not constant then nobody dies.

Everything that has ended, all of it,

had a beginning.

Life and death.


Only two constants?

Life and death?

Is that all there is?


With life and with death –

With life and with death comes love.


You say nothing matters.

If nothing matters then you are my nothing.

If you’re not important

then you’re the most special of us all.

You and I, we fade to dust

so we can live and love and feel and die

and live and love another time


I’ll see you again

because love never dies.

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