I am blogging right now! I am blogging because I forgot to actually get a blog completed. Too many ideas, not enough time. So, this is a placeholder blog of sorts. Yep, that’s right. You’re reading a placeholder blog. There’s NO way that I could do something fun or cool with a placeholder blog, right?

Wrong. I am going to do something so cool. It’s going to be so cool you won’t even see it coming. It’s gonna be insane, it’s gonna happen in the paragraph after the paragraph that comes after this one! You aren’t ready! You’re just so unprepared! I bet that’s driving you insane! All this suspense!

It’s creeping closer and closer. I bet you can hardly stand it now, can you? You want to see the cool thing so bad. Well, if you’re patient, you’ll get it. All you have to do is keep reading. Keep reading, and reading, and reading, and reading and- oh I’ll stop that now. Are you ready? Are you sure? It gets closer with every word.

Something unexpected, is always going to be the thing that you would have expected if you weren’t told to expect the unexpected. Something will go right, or wrong. It’s always this way. If it wasn’t then nothing would make sense. Random and unexpected are different, random is unexpected but gets boring fast, but unexpected, what is truly unexpected, is unique and exciting at all times. Some people will be able to tell where something’s going, others will be surprised, but see the trail of clues left behind on their second time. I mean, some of you might have some idea of what I’m doing here, others may simply be waiting.

Here it is. The answer to your great expectations! What is this? What is the cool thing that will happen with this placeholder blog? Well, the answer could be obvious. It’s all a mind game, you see. I made you wonder what I could possibly be doing if this was just a placeholder blog. I built up the anticipation for the big reveal. I made you second guess yourself, and now. Here we are. The climax. This is a short story hidden in a blog. The main character is you, your mind, your thoughts, your actions. You’re the main character! What does that make me, though? The antagonist? Perhaps. I could be. I could’ve been. I wasn’t, though. I think. I could have been, though I’ve long since forgotten.

Interesting, isn’t it. Are you underwhelmed? Are you content? Overwhelmed even? I wanted to try something with a placeholder blog. Warm up your brain, make you think. Isn’t suspense important? It’s what drives the plot forward, gives the readers questions and answers at the same time. A story is created, given meaning within the words. The words bring forth life, characters, places. But how does it end? How do these worlds end? Would you like to know? The end of these worlds is, and always will be, the final punctuation of the last sentence, where your questions may have been answered, or not.

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  1. Okay I still cannot get over the style you have with your blogs. It’s so incredibly in harmony with your style for your other pieces, yet it’s so subtly but distinctly different, and I love the contrast. You can tell that this writing is yours, but you can also tell that it is different. It stands out, ya know?

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