A Series of Friend Appreciations Installment 1 :)

When introduced to the idea of blogging, an idea occurred to me. Why not write a “review” (I use the term loosely and comedically) of my friends. It could turn into quite the little series, which is hopefully something you will enjoy, and definitely something that I would enjoy. 

More importantly, this series could provide an opportunity to inform the world on the absolute miracles these people have worked on me with their presence in my life.

These are people that, in their own individual ways, have helped me put the pieces of myself back together into a person I never could have become without them, a person I’m proud of. The least I could do, should they consent to it, is tell the world of their doings and let people know the good they’ve done. 

As promised, I will now begin with the series dedicated to friends in my life. These installments will likely come off as very sappy, with me gushing a lot, but that’s just how it will have to come across. These are people that mean a lot to me, and since I revolve primarily around words of affirmation, this is what the result of me trying to express that is. 

This week’s installment: Locklyn. 

From literally the first day I arrived on campus (and honestly, probably new student day, too if I could remember), Locklyn has been in my life. That first day was spent primarily with her and my now ex-roommate, Michael. 

And from the very beginning I knew I was going to like Locklyn. I couldn’t for the life of me explain to you why, and honestly I still can’t really, but I will try. 

It’s just that Locklyn is so…homey. I’ve never once felt out of place, unwelcome, scrutinized or judged in her presence, which is exceedingly rare for someone who lives their life in the proverbial spotlight (be it my own or someone else’s) at all times, as I do. 

But that was never an issue with Locklyn. I know that I can, and have, talked about anything with her and it would never make her think less of me. In fact, knowing that little ball of emo maniacal energy, the more messed up it is the more she would probably want to talk about it. 

The point is, Locklyn is a safe harbor in a way that very few of my other friends are able to be. She does it flawlessly, and accomplished it in stunning speeds to boot. I wouldn’t trade the world for this vault of a best friend, and I’m beyond glad I got to meet her. 

I hope you all can have at least one interaction with her, too. I promise, it’s beyond worth it. 

Sincerely, someone who enjoys talking censorship free. 

P.s. I look forward to sharing the same schedule with you all year, ya little psycho. >:) 

Author: Hunter Nix

Life is full of unknowns and unpredictability, which is why we have Art. To cope.

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