Erwin Sanders, a real life fairy hunter.

Erwin Sanders is probably one of the most notable youtubers I’ve seen in recent memory.  His channel mainly focuses on him exploring the forests and plains of the UK in search of fairy’s and a handful of other mythological creatures.

Despite the seeming childlike subject matter, his videos always maintain a modicum of realism. An example of this is the fact that he doesn’t see a mythological creature every video. Sometimes its just an old man wandering around some beautiful scenery while giving grandfather like advice and stories.

Is it real? Nah, I wish was. But I don’t think it really matters. Even if you don’t enjoy the mythical aspect of his content, I think you would still enjoy his videos. There’s just something about a grey bearded old man talking about pixies like David Attenborough talks about animals that’s very…   soothing? I doubt I’m actually doing a good job of explaining the appeal of any of his channel, so go ahead and check him out yourself.


One thought on “Erwin Sanders, a real life fairy hunter.”

  1. joseph, i really admire the way you word things, especially when writing about topics you love! your passion and care always come through in your pieces, and this is no exception. well done!
    (p.s. now i want to check out his channel !!)

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